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Version 1.0 – January 23, 2019

On the website BestCasino, operated by EVORA INTERNATIONAL LTD, (“BestCasino”, “we”, “us”), we process personal information about our visitors and customers (“you”). Our ambition and our goal are for all your personal data to be handled carefully and safely in order to comply with the prevailing legislation on data protection.

EVORA INTERNATIONAL LTD and BestCasino work with so-called “performance marketing” and “lead generation” online. Our head office is in Malta, and we have a number of subsidiaries with offices in other countries around Europe.

The reason why we have this policy is that we want to explain to you when, how and why we take care of and process information that concerns you as visitors. This is what we call your personal information. The policy also gives you important information about your rights according to law. The purpose of this policy is not in any way to replace the terms in any contract you enter into with us or to limit the rights that you have under the law on data protection.

In the list below, we review topics related to BestCasino’s privacy policy and cookies policy. Below you will find a summary of what we are talking about so that you can quickly and easily find the exact information you want and which is relevant to you as a visitor to the website.


We are responsible for your personal data

We who take care of and are responsible for your personal data at BestCasino are primarily EVORA INTERNATIONAL LTD with address 120, The Strand, Unit 6, Triq ix-Xatt, Gzira. 

As responsible for personal data, we refer to the company that determines the method and purpose of processing our visitors’ personal data at BestCasino. We want to draw your attention to the fact that even if we are primarily responsible for your personal data, it is possible that these are stored via databases which in turn are available to other companies. Should other companies gain access to your personal data, are these obliged to also comply with the standard described in our policy on this page.

Personal data processed by BestCasino

As a visitor and customer of BestCasino, we have the opportunity to process personal information about you, including the following points:

Applications of your personal data

BestCasino collects information about you when you choose to visit our website, and thereby use the services and functions that are available. Your personal information is used for example:

When we process your personal data

BestCasino only takes care of your personal information for the purposes described on this page. This happens only when we know with certainty that:

Whom we share your personal information with

At BestCasino we work together with a number of different third parties that in turn help to administer our business and provide special services. Occasionally, these third parties may also need access to your personal information. Below are some examples of which third parties we mean:

In cases where we sell, buy or in some way choose to reorganize our business or our assets. Alternatively, if a third party purchases our assets. This also applies to any buyers or sellers.

International transfers

In the case of international transfers, it is a matter of transferring personal data to a country located outside the European Union (the European Union). Like the section above, we can thus provide access to our customers’ personal data to third parties, which can therefore also be located outside the EU.

It is also possible that we will share your personal information in connection with receiving a legal request of any kind or at the request of a foreign law enforcement authority located outside the EU. We are constantly taking steps to be able to assist with international transfers where all information is properly processed in order for your rights and interests to be protected. With each individual request coming in from both regulatory authorities and law enforcement authorities, we thoroughly examine and check it before we reveal any of our visitors’ personal data.

As a customer and visitor of BestCasino you have the right to contact us for more information about the protective measures above.

Direct marketing

At BestCasino, we use your collected personal information to send out direct marketing. It concerns both products and services that we offer together with our various partners in online casinos, online sports betting and any financial services. Direct marketing is done through targeted ads online in the form of newsletters via e-mail.

On some occasions, the processing of the personal data in connection with the marketing will be based on BestCasino’s legitimate interests. When the law states that it is required, this will be based on your approval.

You as a customer always have the right to refuse direct marketing from us. You do this by using the link to decline which we include in all the direct marketing that we send out. Alternatively, you can contact us personally by email or letter.

At BestCasino, we adapt our approach to working methods so that direct marketing is done at a level that we consider proportionate to give you information that we believe you are interested in. This is based on the information that we receive about you via your personal information.

How long we keep your personal information

We choose to keep your personal information for as long as we deem necessary for the purposes stated in our policy through this site. Depending on specific circumstances, we will retain your personal data for a specified time frame in order to, for example, be able to follow requirements related to either law, taxes or accounting. According to our policy, we may retain your personal information held by us. When we no longer need your personal data, you can be sure that we will delete the data or in some way make you anonymous in our system.

Your rights as a visitor

You have several rights who are bound to your personal data when you visit our website. See below which ones you need to know about. If you want to exercise your rights then contact us through email or post.

Policy for cookies at BestCasino

Below we go through our policy for cookies at BestCasino and how cookies affect you, and examples of which suppliers we use. If you have more questions or concerns about cookies at BestCasino, please contact us by e-mail.

We use cookies, and it is because we want to be able to offer you a complete website with fully useful functions. Cookies allow us to recognise your personal preferences when you use our site and in this way, we will, hopefully, make it both easier, smoother and more convenient for you as a visitor.

What are cookies? Today, virtually all websites use cookies, and not everyone knows what it is. In short, cookies are a small file with information stored on your computer, mobile or tablet from which you visit the site. This file allows the website in question to remember your actions and preferences. For example, it can be your login, your chosen language, the size you choose for the text and so on. Thus, you do not need to redo these choices each time you choose to visit the website.

Options for you as a visitor

When you choose to visit and use our website, this means that you also accept the use and storage of cookies on your computer, mobile or tablet. In general, you can see and use our website without any cookies. However, some parts and pages may not work as intended, or it may be slower to navigate the site if you deny cookies.

If you do not want any cookies stored on the device that you use during the visit, you may choose to disable the option that is relevant in the system settings found in your chosen browser. You also have the option of deleting saved cookies in the system settings at any time. Please note that certain offers and features are limited when you do not accept cookies on BestCasino.

Cookies in different categories

At BestCasino we use different kinds of cookies for various purposes and functions. Some of our cookies are required in technical terms, also called technical necessity. Other cookies are stored and used for a specified time. Some cookies are placed and stored by either a third party or us.

Technical necessity: There are both cookies that are technically necessary and cookies that are not. When it comes to those that are technically necessary, we use cookies that are needed for our website to function properly. This type of cookies is placed on your device automatically when you visit the website and/or use a function we provide. Unless you have adjusted the settings in your browser, which will allow cookies to be rejected immediately. Cookies that are not necessary can be placed on your device only to improve the user-friendliness and website performance further. These cookies also help to remember your settings. We also use non-technically necessary cookies in order to get more information about how different parts of the website are used and how frequent it happens. In this way, we can adapt the website in a better way for you as a visitor.

Storage duration: Different cookies are stored for different time periods, and we divide them into three separate categories so that you can more easily understand how it works and what differences exist.

Cookies for analysis and measurement of reach

We use cookies from different suppliers, and so-called supplier cookies are placed on the website by either ourselves or by the operator that we order from. Then there are third-party cookies that are stored and used by other types of organisations, but also websites. Through external suppliers, cookies can be used to display specific ads or to integrate content from different social networks on the internet.

Google Analytics

At BestCasino, we use an analytics service provided by Google Inc called Google Analytics. The Google Analytics service uses cookies to identify how often certain areas of a website are used and to see what different visitors prefer. The information that can be read from your use while visiting the website, which is extracted through the cookie, is transferred to one of Google’s servers in the USA where it is stored. Google will be able to use this information to analyse how you use a specific website and compile activity reports. Note that Google may choose to pass on the information to third parties – if required by law. Alternatively, if third parties process this information on behalf of Google. The data is stored for 26 months, and this also applies to your IP address.

All of our visitors can deny Google Analytics in order to avoid registering and monitoring your session on the site. To do this, visit this page:


Hotjar is a tool that we use to collect non-personal information in order to develop our website and give you a better experience. Via Hotjar it becomes easier for us to find and analyse technical problems and more.


We use AdWords to enable something called Google PPC campaigns, ie Pay Per Click.


AdForm uses cookies to get information about your visits to the website and if you see ads from BestCasino. The information gathered through AdForm is then used to evaluate and analyse an ad or campaign’s performance, for example. It also helps to create so-called behavioural advertising. That is, ads can be shown in sequence, that selected products are displayed depending on the interest shown on the website and the like.

Our privacy and cookie policy may be changed and updated as needed – see date and version at the top of the page.

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