Progressive Jackpots for UK Players

The best casino guide to progressive jackpot slots in the UK is here! Our casino experts have searched, tested, reviewed and ranked the most popular jackpot slot games for British players online.

There are two significant types of casino jackpot games; ‘Classic jackpot slots’ and ‘progressive jackpots.’ They both have a jackpot, but what is the difference, and how can you win jackpots on top casino sites? By the end of this review, you will know the best online casinos with progressive jackpot games and how to maximise your gaming experience. Progressive slot games have three or more jackpots, which could reward millions of real money to players. So, let us dive in!

How Progressive Jackpot Slots Work

A progressive jackpot is a massive real money prize players can win in a slot. Progressive slots are the most popular casino games in the United Kingdom. Why are jackpot slots the most searched games online? The answer is simple – they allow players to win millions from a single bet!

Accumulating Jackpot Prizes

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The jackpot pool increases each time someone plays on it, and the amount continues to rise until one lucky gambler wins! After the win, progressive jackpots reset to their minimum value, and the process repeats. Keep an eye on the progressive jackpot tracker in your slot to know how much the slot is worth.

For example, player A makes a £2 bet on the Absolootly Mad: Mega Moolah jackpot slot at AllBritish Casino, while player B makes a £2 bet on the same game but from a different casino. A percentage of each of these bets will be deducted and added to the jackpot.

How long will the jackpot amount grow? As history proves, someone somewhere will eventually form the winning combination required to trigger and win the jackpot. It could be a gambler who has only played for 30 minutes or another who has wagered on the jackpot slot for longer. The odds of winning mostly depend on luck.

If you need some imagery to get started, browse the biggest progressive jackpots on slot games at BestCasino. Compare the themes, check out the base game rewards (how much you can win on the game using regular symbols) and start spinning!

Types of Progressive Jackpot Systems

It’s noteworthy that progressive jackpots are not only found in slot machines. You can also find tabletop games and scratch cards with a jackpot.

1. Network Progressive jackpots

Network progressive jackpots have, by far, the most significant rewards in GB online casinos or apps. Such slot games pool bets from players across different casinos simultaneously. That is why the award pool is usually in the millions. Even if you log in to different casinos and check the progressive jackpot meter on the game, you will find that the award pool is the same!

2. Standalone jackpot slots 

The jackpot starts at a standardised amount when you launch the game and will continue to increase as you play. Therefore, each non-winning spin will add a percentage of your bet to the jackpot. The more you play, the bigger it becomes. While this jackpot is more minor than typical progressive jackpots, they are often won. 

3. Local jackpots 

This jackpot has a bigger reward than standalone jackpots. Online casinos in Britain offer this jackpot via a single slot game or a network of linked slot machines at the casino. Also, note that the jackpot will appear and be available on all the involved games. 

4. Must drop jackpot slots

If an online casino offers a must-drop jackpot, it must pay out the jackpot at a particular time each day. The jackpot can also be awarded when it hits a certain amount. Such jackpot slots pay out more frequently than bigger progressive jackpots in slot machines. Mr Green Casino has an hourly drop jackpot and 2 daily drop jackpots for its players.

What Factors Influence Jackpot Growth?

  • The popularity of the game – Jackpot slots that are more popular amongst casino players have the biggest prize pools online. However, newer progressive jackpot slots have fewer players and, thus, fewer people contributing to the prize pool.
  • Slot game provider – While all slot providers licensed by the Gambling Commission can create big progressive jackpot slots, older software companies are more trusted regarding jackpots. Therefore, the award in jackpot slots of well-established developers grows faster. 
  • Online casino where the slot games are hosted – Progressive slots hosted by top-ranked casino sites have more players, hence bigger prize pools. On the other hand, a progressive jackpot game that is mainly found in non-popular casinos will have a smaller reward.
  • Bet limits of the game – While researching BestCasino, experts found that online jackpot slots with significant betting limits tend to have the biggest progressive jackpot. As we mentioned earlier, a part of each bet on the game contributes to the prize pool. So, the more significant the bet limit, the bigger the pot.
  • RTP of the slot machines – Most of the largest British progressive jackpot slots online have an average RTP of 94%. This leaves 6% divided between the house edge and the prize pool. If a slot game has a high RTP, a winning combination in the base game will be significantly rewarded, but not much is left to contribute to the jackpot. 

The random number generator is the most crucial determiner of wins in non jackpot slots. Therefore, the mechanism will also affect how much a jackpot grows in progressive slots. Each winning combination on the slot is triggered randomly by the RNG mechanism!

If the random number generator hits early, the winner takes the mega jackpot and the amount resets. However, the longer a Random Number Generator strikes, the bigger the pot grows.

Current Slots with Highest Jackpots

Here is a list of progressive slot machines that you can play today. We have also added extra information about the bet limits, in-game bonus features and average win to help you make an informed decision. 

GameSeeds AtMax win recordedMin win recordedAverage winProviderBet limitsFeatures
Mega Fortune250,00017,860,868657, 05017,860,868NetEnt£0.10 – £25Free spins, Multipliers, Bonus wheel game
Mega Moolah1,000,00020,057,7341,013,7916,135,091Microgaming£0.25 – £6.25Free spins, Multipliers,  Jackpot bonus wheel
Absolootly Mad: Mega Moolah1,000,00019,430,723.601,013,7916,135,091Microgaming£0.20 – £50Rolling Reels, Multipliers, Free spins
Hall of GodsNA7,820,888608,7495,619,688NetEnt£0.20 – £50Expanding Wild, Free Spins, Pick Win
Wheel of Wishes: WOW Pot slots2,000,00042,149,1802,025,38819,785,884Microgaming£0.10 – £25Power Spin, Jackpot Bonus Wheel
Jackpot GiantNA10,710,4831,693,0325,189,611Playtech£0.50 – £4Giant Bonus, Giant Jackpot feature
Joker Millions100,0007,831,370151,1772,985,974Yggdrasil£0.25 – £25Multipliers, Frozen symbols, Jackpot Spin feature
Beach Life50,0006,215,470382,3582,552,889Playtech£0.5 – £10Sunken Treasure Bonus, Wilds and Scatters
Funky FruitsNA2,858,489627,7351,532,592Playtech£2 – £10Jackpot bonus
Gladiator Jackpot50,0003,104,615147,359982,912Playtech£0.25 – £1,250Free spins, multipliers, Pick ‘Me’ Style bonus

All-time Biggest Progressive Jackpot Wins

A casino player’s biggest dream is winning a progressive jackpot and breaking the bank with millions in rewards. This dream has already come true for some players, who made millions of real money from just one spin on an online slot machine. 

Jackpot GameBiggest WinYear wonCasino
Wheel of Wishes: WOW Pot42,149,18020th December 202332 Red Casino
Mega Moolah18,915,72128th September 2018Grand Modial
Mega Moolah20,057,73430th January 2019Zodiac Casino
Mega Fortune17,860,86820th January 2013Paf Casino
Mega Moolah16,496,0605th April 2020Jackpot City Casino
Book of Atem: WOW Pot15, 183, 08514th April 202132 Red Casino
Mega Moolah13,615,8618th May 2020Luxury Casino
Mega Moolah13,212,8826th October 2015Betway
Mega Moolah12,945,6035th March 2019Luxury Casino
Hall of Gods7, 820, 88818th April 2015Betsson Casino

What are the Odds of Winning a Progressive Jackpot

So, how likely are you to win a progressive jackpot? There are a lot of variables that can affect a progressive jackpot, which makes it difficult to calculate the precise odds of winning. However, by studying progressive jackpot wins from the past, it is safe to conclude that there are higher chances of winning a network progressive jackpot during peak hours (when most players are active on the game).

Still, statistics on casino players in Europe indicate that they would rather play high-risk, high-reward slot games, hence the popularity of progressive jackpots. Gamblers are reminded that when playing a jackpot casino game, the odds are stacked against you.

Therefore, it is always recommended for players to wager within their budget limit. You can scroll to the bottom of the guide to see how to play progressive jackpots responsibly.

How to Win a Progressive Jackpot

After winning a progressive jackpot, the winners are often asked what they did to improve their chances of winning. According to experts, the steps below can help you win a progressive jackpot.

Playing Maximum Bet

Some progressive slots have a minimum bet a player must make to qualify for the jackpot. Usually, there is a bonus feature to be activated before the jackpot finale takes place. This could be a wheel of fortune or a free spin. Such features are more straightforward to activate when playing with the max bet.

Timing and Frequency of Play

It is advisable to play progressive jackpot slots during peak hours, when there is a huge number of players gambling on it. This can be in the evenings, on the weekends or during special holidays.

Jackpot Triggering Mechanics

Before you can start playing, you need to understand how a progressive slot game works. Smart gamblers read slot reviews or play slot games in demo versions before getting a feel of what the slot offers and how the jackpot-trigger features work. Always have an idea of what activates the jackpot in a game so that you can be alert when it happens.

Identifying ‘Hot’ and ‘Cold’ Machines

You might have logged in to a British casino and found a game’s category titled ‘hot slots.’ By definition, hot slot games come with higher chances of paying out, meaning you are more likely to form a winning combination in these games. A jackpot game in the ‘hot’ selection offers more odds of winning.

‘Cold machines’ typically offer little wins and less frequently. If a progressive slot game is ‘cold’, you have few to zero chances of winning even in the base game.

Setting Realistic Expectations

It is wise to keep in mind that there might be hundreds of thousands of other online gambling fans who are playing a progressive slot game. Therefore, anyone can win! In most jackpot success stories, the players didn’t expect to win; it just happened. You will have more fun playing the jackpot if you set realistic expectations. 

Responsible Gambling

It is exceedingly essential to practice responsible gambling when playing progressive games. Whether spinning online slots or playing a live progressive blackjack game like Live Texas Hold em Poker, always remember to have limits. 

If you struggle with responsible gaming, here are some things you can do to ensure you engage positively.

  • Set budget limits – Have a budget for each session or jackpot game. 
  • Set time limits – Chasing after a jackpot can be risky, so players are advised to take breaks. 
  • Avoid playing jackpots and other types of real money games at online casinos when under the influence. 
  • Self-voluntary exclusion – If you feel like you have a gambling issue, opt-in for self-exclusion to take a long-term break from gambling. 

All top GB casino sites and apps on the BestCasino list have responsible gambling tools and instruments for players. If you need assistance, contact customer support or get in touch with gambling care organisations like GamCare or BeGambleAware.


Frequently asked questions

What does progressive jackpot mean?

A progressive jackpot is a large reward or prize that increases each time someone plays the game.

How do progressive slots work?

A percentage of each non-winning bet on the slot is added to the jackpot. The size of the award gradually increases until a player wins and takes it all.

How to play the progressive jackpot?

Choose a trusted online casino, size your bet and hit the spin button!

How often do progressive jackpots hit?

Random Number Generators run all progressive slots with a jackpot. Over the years, many people have won a progressive slot jackpot. It is expected to find 100+ people winning on jackpots at different casinos in a year!

What triggers a progressive jackpot?

Each progressive slot game comes with bonus features that are used to trigger the significant progressive jackpot. From Wheel of Fortunes to free spins and card selections.

How are progressive jackpots paid?

Progressive jackpots are usually paid in person at the casino if a player is fine getting media coverage. The casino will then credit your bank account with the total amount won. Always read a casino's terms and conditions page to learn how it deals with jackpot payouts.