Casino Cashback

A casino cashback is a rather popular casino bonus among UK players and you can claim this kind of offer at most UK online casinos today. Different online casinos offer various types of cashbacks. The best casinos do give back real cash but many also return the money as bonus funds. It all depends on where you’ve decided to sign up and claim your casino cashback.

As mentioned above, there are various forms of casino cashbacks and this bonus is a way of saying ”thank you” to you as a player. Either for making a deposit, playing and so on. Depending on how the cashback is formed. Most of the time you will be able to get a cashback on your losses during a specific period of time. Keep in mind that you should always read the terms and conditions since a cashback might sound great but then end up being a disappointment. For example, if you find an offer that says ”deposit £50 and gets a 10% cashback” you will most likely activate the offer when you lose a certain amount of money. So, deposit £50, play and if you lose you will get £5 back at the end of the campaign. Then this is your cashback. In this casino cashback guide, we will bring you the best casinos that offer cashbacks and tell you more about this special bonus.

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Real money back with a cashback

casino cashback

Sometimes you can find cashback offers where you get real money back. However, we need to say it’s rare and only the best UK casinos might do this from time to time. The cashback can be given as a rebate on losses when you deposit money to your casino account or such. You will never be able to get back a huge amount of real cash as part of this kind of casino bonus. Of natural causes, you will only get a low amount of real cash when you claim a cashback.

Get bonus money back

Most people know that online casinos put in a lot of effort into their marketing these days. That’s why cashbacks, where you will get back bonus money, is way more common than getting real cash back, as mentioned above. In other words, a cashback where you get bonus funds back is almost the same as getting a welcome bonus, deposit bonus or such. You will get back a certain amount of the money that you deposit, or lose, and then you need to wager the cashback money according to certain terms before you can make a withdrawal. Due to the wagering requirement, your cash will be locked and this is something you should be aware of from the start. However, most cashbacks come with really low wagering requirements which is why they’re so popular.

Fair Cashback

When you play online you should always go with the best casinos. All of the brands that you can find in our guide are tested and approved by our experienced team. Here you can feel perfectly safe while enjoying yourself. However, there are always other casinos that don’t want to keep it real. In other words, they’re a scam. If you ever stumble upon a UK casino that offers a cashback with free spins you should watch out. Preferably shut your account as well. When finding an offer that combines free spins with a cashback it’s quite misleading since there’s no guarantee that you will win with the bonus spins which leads to no cashback. Always aim for fair bonuses and terms when choosing a UK online casino.

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Read the terms and conditions 

By now should know that all casinos have different terms and conditions connected to their offers, no matter if it’s a cashback, a deposit bonus, a no deposit bonus or if it’s free spins. Therefore we always recommend that you read the fine print before you make a move and claim any sort of casino bonus. Still, there are some standard terms and conditions as well, tied to most offers. When you’re playing at an online casino with a UK license these terms are often used with a cashback:

  • Opt-in: Since casino cashback offers usually are available for a limited time it’s common that you need to either opt-in or enter a certain promotion code if you want to take part in the campaign.
  • Bonus abuse: Don’t try to outsmart the casino and go around terms and conditions. If you’re guilty of bonus abuse you will not be able to claim other bonuses in the future and you won’t be able to take part in promotions, competitions and such.
  • Maximum cashback: Keep an eye on the maximum cashback. There’s always a limit on how much you can get back, either if it’s real money or bonus funds. You will never be able to get an unlimited amount of money back with a cashback.

We do encourage you to read the terms and conditions relating to the cashback you’re looking at in question. It’s always a good thing to do before you make a move in terms of making a deposit and/or use a casino offer of any kind. 

Pros and cons with cashbacks 

As with everything, a cashback has both advantages and disadvantages compared to other bonuses at UK casinos. Starting off with the pros you can be happy about a fair casino cashback bonus as long as you’re playing at a trustworthy UK casino with an approved license. Usually, the wagering requirements and terms in general, are not that bad and you will get a percentage of your losses back. You will get your well-earned cashback right after you’ve fulfilled the terms, or when the promotion ends.

One disadvantage with cashbacks compared to standard bonuses at UK casinos are that cashback offers with real money back is pretty rare. If these offers occur you only get a tiny cashback without any wagering requirements which makes it a good idea to count on it and ask yourself if it’s worth it? Most of the times we tend to say yes since it’s always a good idea to get something back in return. Who says no to getting their money back?

From poker to online casinos 

If we go back in time for a little bit, cashbacks were often associated with poker rooms on the internet. Since everything moves forward with time most things change and evolve. Even though you mainly could get a cashback while playing online poker, in the beginning, we now see this as a natural category among casino bonuses as well. Of course, it’s not every online casino that offers a cashback now and then. However, there are many of the UK casinos out there that still does. Most of the time it’s some kind of live casino cashback.

With a cashback offer in store, it makes it more attractive to play during a certain period of time. This is something both players and gambling sites know. If you lose you will get something back and the casino will get you to play. On the other hand, you might win and then the casino doesn’t have to give you a cashback while you still will be happy. Simple as that and everybody have the chance to win in the end with this system.

Cashbacks can be used in different ways by the best online casinos to wow their players. It might be a certain event that they want to highlight such as a game release or a promotion of some kind. Just make sure you know why you use a cashback and what terms are connected to the bonus.

The meaning of casino cashback offers 

If we’re going into the details about what a casino cashback is, the answer is quite simple. The goal with this casino bonus is to give you something back in return when you play and then happen to lose. When you decide to play at an online casino you need to make a deposit that you will use to bet on slots, in the live casino and so on. By claiming a casino cashback bonus you will get a certain percent back of the money you use to play. How much you will get back varies, of course. Most of the time it’s somewhere around 5-10%. Sometimes it can be as much as 20%.

This goes without saying but you only get back the percent on your losses. So let’s say you win instead, then you won’t get any cash back to your account. Even if you lose you can be a winner these days so to speak. Just make sure you’re aware of if you need to add a code or check a box when you make a deposit in order to activate the casino cashback bonus.

Choose online casinos with a cashback 

When you’re about to choose an online casino where you want to sign up and play you shouldn’t make the decision based on wether or not they offer regular cashbacks or not. Some of the best casinos do offer cashbacks just as some of them don’t. Then they most likely have some other benefits instead.

If you’re looking at a casino where you want to play you can always get in touch with the support or check out the promotion page in order to see if they have any casino cashbacks. Sometimes you can get a cashback with a welcome package, even if we see this on rare occasions nowadays. Make sure you pick one of the best casinos when you want to play. Some might offer cashbacks but they might don’t be trustworthy! That’s why it’s important that you choose a UK casino that is safe. When picking any of the brands represented at BestCasino you can feel perfectly safe.

One thing we highly recommend is that you read reviews of online casinos that you’re interested in. Then you will get an idea of what to expect and if you can trust the company behind the website. It’s always a good thing to put some time and effort into reading these reviews as it will make it easier for you to choose the right and best casino for you where you will be able to get great offers and feel happy about playing your favourite games.

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Time sensitive offers at casinos 

We’ve mentioned it before but we want to highlight this again. It’s very important that you’re aware of that cashback offers are time sensitive. Meaning, that you only can claim these bonuses during a certain time. For example, it can be during your first 24 hours or your first week as a member. Or throughout the weekend. If you happen to get a casino cashback that is set to your first week you will ”lose” the bonus if you don’t start to play immediately. However, this doesn’t apply if there’s another welcome bonus that you can take part in instead whenever you choose to make your first deposit. If you get both a deposit bonus and a casino cashback on your first deposit you can really use this to your advantage. Even though this is very rare. But it happens on occasions. You just need to keep your eyes open! Just keep in mind to play responsibly.

Sometimes you can get offers with a cashback that only lasts a day or on a specific game. Then it’s usually some kind of live casino cashback and that you need to play live Roulette or live Blackjack, for example. Some UK casinos offer cashbacks on a regular basis through weekly promotions. It can be ”cashback Friday” or something like that. Worth to look for!

Variations of Casino Cashback

Another thing you need to be aware of is the differences between different casino bonuses and such. You need to know what free spins are compared to a cashback and a reload or deposit bonus. When you add funds to your account at a UK casino for the first time you will probably get the chance to claim a bonus on your deposit. Free spins are also connected to your deposit in most cases. A cashback, on the other hand, depends on your losses. Not so much on how much you choose to deposit. If you’re not lucky and lose a lot of money you will get more back. Up to a certain amount. By reading terms and conditions connected to a casino cashback bonus you will understand how it works more exactly as it’s different from casino to casino.

Withdrawals with a cashback bonus 

When you get a cashback you will probably need to wager the money before you can make a withdrawal. Cashbacks without wagering requirements are not very common, even at the best casinos. If you’re not observant it might cost you to use a cashback. Many online casinos have rules that say that you can withdraw winnings if you don’t wager your cashback. Therefore you need to check if you can get your cashback when you play all games or if it’s limited to selected ones. Just be aware of what you need to do in order to fulfill the rules and that you will earn on using it.

Cashbacks – more and more popular 

When we look at casino bonuses among UK casinos it seems like cashback bonuses get more and more popular right now. Some casinos even offer weekly cashbacks while some choose to give their new players a cashback instead of an ordinary welcome package. Regular welcome bonuses at online casinos might seem really profitable as it will boost your account quite a bit in the beginning. However, a cashback is often the best choice when you look at it with a wider perspective. Especially among high rollers. Even so, low rollers and recreational players can use this bonus in the best way possible too.

If you want to claim a cashback bonus you can check our recommended UK casinos on this page that offer this. Once again, read the terms and conditions before you claim any bonus for your own sake.

Get to know your cashback 

When it comes to cashbacks, it’s not only online casinos that offer this bonus. Many other companies, credit cards and so on give their loyal customers cashbacks within different reward programs. As you can see, this is a really attractive type of bonus among people everywhere. One of the reasons behind the popularity is that it’s so simple. You spend a certain amount of money and then you will get a percentage back in return. No wonder it’s so demanded among players at online casinos today. 

The competition is tough among UK casinos. This doesn’t mean that all casinos do offer cashbacks, just like we said before. If you’re lucky you can get them on a regular basis as real cash.

Claim your cashback

Just like most casino bonuses, it’s super easy to grab a cashback if you get the chance. You just play, lose and get some money back in return. Sure, it blows to lose but with this bonus, you will at least get something back if luck is not in your cards. The cashback percentage varies and the money will be added to your account automatically at your chosen casino. How much you will get back depends on how much you’ve lost and how the terms of the offer are set. For example, you will probably get a significant better cashback as a higher VIP member than a new player at the casino. That’s one of the reasons why high rollers sought for these offers in particular. 

Another thing we’re constantly returning to, except for the part where you need to be aware of time sensitivity, is wagering requirements. If you want to take advantage of any casino bonus it’s up to you. All players can choose to activate offers as well as skip them. It all depends on how you like to play. Most of the time high rollers are glad to lay their hands on various casino offerings and rewards. Especially since they can afford to play with bigger bucks. Therefore they can really use bonuses in the best way, such as cashbacks. Sure, regular players should also learn to use casino bonuses to their advantage. Cashbacks are great when you need to heal from some unfortunate bets at your best casino. No matter what kind of player you are.

On the look for wagering requirements 

The best casinos usually offer cashbacks without wagering requirements, which basically means that you can make a withdrawal whenever you want to. However, this is something you should never take for granted. But when we look at it it’s kind of logic that you’ve already fulfilled the wagering requirements for this type of bonus since you’ve been losing some to get some during your bets and gameplay. Just to be on the safe side you should still check the terms and rules! Most decent casinos will not add any more wagering requirements to a cashback bonus. If they do it should be a really low one such as x1 up to x5.

One way to see if you’re playing at a trustworthy UK casino is to check for the logo of the UK Gambling Commission. It’s usually at the bottom of the page, in the footer. Another license that assures you about a safe environment while playing is the one from Malta Gaming Authority. If you can’t see any of these licenses anywhere on the page you should really get out of there. By picking any of the brands at BestCasino you won’t have to worry about this though.

Cashback or welcome bonus 

More or less every new online casino offer a welcome bonus. They’re often multi-tiered, meaning you will get extra funds with more than your first deposit. If you’re lucky you can get some welcome packages with up to three or four deposit bonuses. Sometimes they even include a cashback somewhere on the side. Some UK casinos even only offer a welcome cashback to their new players! 

If you happen to play at a casino that offers both as part of their welcome package you should definitely use them. Just keep in mind that there might be different wagering requirements on those offers. Even though they’re part of the welcome package. Also, be aware that you ”need” to lose a rather large amount of money before you will be able to activate the cashback bonus. This doesn’t apply on deposit bonuses when you use them through a welcome bonus. They both have their advantages and disadvantages. Just as long as you’re aware of them at all times and don’t get too excited when grabbing a casino offer.

Play responsible with your cashback 

We also want to highlight that you should mindful when you opt-in for a cashback at any online casino. This goes for all your habits connected to spending money, but especially gambling since it can be addictive. Cashbacks might trigger some people to play and spend more than they were thinking from the beginning. Remember that you won’t be getting more back than you’ve spent while aiming for a casino cashback. We always ask our readers and visitors to play responsibly. It should be fun and exciting. You should, for example, never start gambling with the intention to make it for a living. Only for recreational purposes now and then. If you ever question your own habits regarding gambling there is help to receive. You can also try various test to see how you’re doing.

Get your cashback at BestCasino 

So, why should you head to BestCasino when you want to grab a cashback from now on? Well, we’re an experienced team working with the brands we’re promotion on a regular basis. We offer exclusive deals and our goal is to provide all our readers with the best information connected to gambling online. Whether it’s about bonuses, slots, guides and so on. Everything is here and it’s for free! We’re of course an independent company and we won’t ever work with any bad, unlicensed and not-trustworthy UK casinos on our website.

Summary about casino cashbacks 

If you ever find yourself finding a casino cashback that you’re thinking about using, please remember this before you take action.

  • Don’t forget the promotion code: Most of the time you need to opt-in when getting a cashback. It often requires that you either click a button to opt-in or that you make a deposit with a special promotion code. This usually is well-explained at the casino in question. If you don’t do this and just start playing it might not be certain that you will get your cashback in the end, which would be a disappointment.
  • Do you research before you act: Here at BestCasino we always want to make our readers aware of the benefits of making your homework before you start to play. When you find casinos with offers that sound too good to be true, the case is often so. Check out which brands we recommend, read reviews and find a choice that you feel comfortable and safe with when you want to use a cashback the next time. Or when you’re simply looking for a new online casino.
  • Play for fun – not to make a living: It’s easy to be swept away when aiming for a cashback. Just make sure you play for fun and stop when you feel that you’ve had enough. Even if you want your cashback it might cost more than you thought if you make unfortunate bets several times in a row. Be safe!

Frequently asked questions

What can I do to get a cashback at an gaming operator?

When you see a casino cashback offer it means you can take advantage of this in order to get some money back when you gamble and lose on selected games. Usually, this is in the live casino but it can also be on slots. Some UK casinos offer regular cashbacks while others are more restrictive with these bonuses.

Will I get my cashback automatically when I qualify?

You most likely will have to opt-in through a code or something similar to show the casino that you want to part in the promotion. If you play and lose enough money you will get the cashback money at the end of the campaign. The money will be added to your casino account and then you need to make a withdrawal by yourself in order to be able to use the cash somewhere else.

Is a cashback better than a deposit bonus?

This actually more a question about personal taste and your gambling habits. If you’re a player that logs in and spins the reels or head to the tables on a regular basis you will probably profit when you use cashbacks. On the other hand, if you just play from time to time when you feel like it, you will probably have more fun with a deposit bonus of some sort since it will benefit you as you will get more money to use while playing.

Can I claim a cashback regardless of device?

Yes that is correct. Online casinos are so modern nowdays that it shouldnt matter if you are playing on a computer, Iphone/Android or a tablet. Even though 99% of all the casinos have seamless features and slots it's still something we look into when reviewing new casinos, making sure they are up to our high standards.

Can I get a cashback on any casino game?

In general, no, you can't. Most cashbacks are tied to one or several specific games. It's highly unusual with cashbacks on slots, for example. Cashbacks are most common when you play at live casinos. It can be any game you want to in the live casino or you will have to play only live Blackjack or only live Roulette. Keep yourself updated by reading the terms for the cashback.

Are cashbacks free from wagering requirements?

Sometimes. If you're playing at some of the best UK casinos on the market you might be able to enjoy cashbacks that are completely free from wagering requirements. However, most of the time there will be a small wagering requirement, around x1-x5. So you will play through it fairly quick.

What's the mechanic behind a cashback?

Casino cashback offers are different at various UK casinos. The mechanic behind the bonus is the same though. How much percentage you will get back and how much money you can get through a cashback varies are the things that vary. Here's an example on a fairly common cashback:
  • Get a 5% cashback up to £50
So when you play and lose money during a certain time, often throughout the weekend or a specific night, you will be able to get back up to £50 when £50 is 5% of your losses. If you play and lose less you cashback will be smaller.

Why should I claim a casino cashback?

Well, because you will get back some of the money you happen to lose while playing during a certain time. There's no reason not to take advantage of the perks of a casino cashback if you ask us. Especially since you can get a cashback with either no wagering requirements or a small wagering requirement at x1-x5.