Non UK Casinos – Why to Avoid Them

Gambling has been one of the most participated recreational activities for many centuries. Casinos are places where people gather to test their skills and play casino games like poker, roulette, and blackjack. Furthermore, many European casinos also have slot games and offer sports betting for those who want to rely on their luck. With the latest technological advancements, these popular gambling

sites have moved online in the form of online casinos. While many enjoy the variety of casino games, others are sceptical about their safety. That’s why we want to elaborate on non-UK casinos and why to avoid them. Continue reading to discover the online gambling industry, the differences between UK-licensed casinos and non-UK-licensed casinos, and what they offer!

What are Non-UK and Non-Gamstop Casinos

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Non-UK casinos are popular online gambling sites that aren’t regulated with a UKGC license. Even though these non-UKGC licensed casinos don’t fall under the UK authorities, they usually have alternative licenses from different and often reputable licensing authorities. What makes these online casinos accepting UK players so tempting is their offers, such as deposit bonuses for first-time players and free spins.

On the other hand, the new non-Gamstop casino may accept British players and let them play their favourite games without utilising a GamStop scheme for self-exclusion. This free tool is used to help people control their online gambling by preventing the use of UK-licensed casinos and gambling apps.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Non-UK Gambling Sites

Even though non-UK casinos accepting British players may sound tempting, these gambling sites have both advantages and disadvantages. To better understand the benefits and setbacks of these non-UK-regulated casinos, it’s best to review them separately.

Advantages of non-UK registered casinos

The main advantages of non-UK casino sites are the following:

  • Bonus features
  • Easy accessibility
  • License for offshore gambling sites

Bonus features

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One of the biggest advantages of non-UK online casinos is the various bonus features. As mentioned, a non-UK slot site can be quite tempting due to its exclusive bonus systems. Even though they may have offers you won’t find anywhere else, they’re designed to keep the player returning to the site.

Here’s a list of non-UK-based online bonuses commonly found at non-UK-based casinos:

  • Free spins
  • Deposit bonuses
  • Cash bonuses
  • Loyalty programs

When someone stumbles upon such an offer, they should remember that this is usually a marketing strategy to keep them playing on the non-UK sites longer.

Easy accessibility

The second advantage that non-UK casino sites offer is their easy accessibility. Those registered on the Gamstop platform will notice that most UK gambling sites are blocked for them.

Many UK-regulated casino sites restrict how much UK players can bet and what games they can play. So, instead of losing time downloading VPN protection and thinking of ways to avoid these regulations, playing at a non-UK-licensed casino is much easier.

Furthermore, many non-UK casinos accepting UK players don’t ask for verification. So, many British players don’t have to worry about sharing their ID information. While you may find a non-UK online casino that’s pretty straightforward about the process, others don’t require any form of verification.

License for offshore gambling sites

Lastly, even though these non-UKGC casinos don’t fall under a UK licence, they still may have obtained an international license. If you’re interested in gambling at casinos outside the UK, remember that they don’t require the same gambling license as the ones in the United Kingdom. Thus, they may still be licensed platforms but not with the same standards.

For example, many international operators have acquired a license from premium offshore regulators, such as the Curacao licence. Gibraltar casino online operators also get their licenses through the GBGA. These online casinos are usually called offshore casino sites and allow the players fair gambling.

Here’s a list of non-UK gambling licenses that are known for their praised regulations:

  • Malta Gambling Authority
  • Sweden’s Spelinspektionen
  • Curacao
  • Gibraltar
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Disadvantages of non-UK registered casinos

After reviewing the advantages of non-UK online slots, here are the disadvantages of using non-UK online casinos:

  • May not accept GBP
  • The UK court can’t aid in disputes
  • No local license
  • GamStop loophole

May not accept GBP

The biggest disadvantage of playing at a non-UK licensed casino is that they may not accept the GBP currency. This can lead to bigger bank fees when you change currencies during deposits and money withdrawals. Thus, many UK residents must invest in E-wallets and cryptocurrencies to avoid the high fees.

The UK court can’t aid in disputes

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Another big disadvantage many UK players experience when gambling at non-EU casinos is the inability to turn to the UK court in case of a dispute. Since these online casinos don’t have a UK license, the laws and regulations don’t resonate outside the United Kingdom. So, if any major issue arises, UK players won’t be able to seek justice within their own country.

No local license

Playing at a non-UKGC casino means that the player will put their trust in online casinos without a local license. Even though they may have a different license type, they’re still not up to the same standards. This can lead to further complications where the player can be put at risk without being able to turn to local authorities for legal advice.

Gamstop loophole

Even though many UK players turn to a non-UK-regulated casino as a Gamstop loophole, it can be quite dangerous. Since these online casinos don’t have a system of universal exclusion, it can become quite troublesome for those with a gambling addiction. Many players struggle with a lack of control once they start playing casino games, which can lead to financial ruin.

After reviewing the pros and cons of non-UK casino sites, it’s important to understand why it isn’t recommended to play at a non-UK casino site. Here are some of the reasons why many people prefer to avoid these sites:

  • Inability to fully block access
  • Risk of not paying out the winnings
  • Misuse of personal information

Inability to fully block access

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Players gambling at non-UK online casinos can’t fully block access to these sites if they have a gambling problem. Without the Gamstop restrictions, one can easily develop an addiction without the proper help. Furthermore, not all online casinos accepting UK players care for their safety or provide them with resources about safe gambling.

Risk of not paying out the winnings

Many unregulated foreign casinos may try to exploit UK users because they don’t fall under the same UK license. Even if these non-UK gambling sites rip the player off, they can turn to their local authorities for help.

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Misuse of personal information

While some non-UK gambling sites may ask for verification methods, the player won’t know if their information is kept private. This can lead to further complications, such as the risk of a compromised bank account or stolen identity.

How to Check if the Casino Is Safe to Play At

Even though many people gamble for the thrill, it’s still important to know if the gambling sites pose a risk. So, are non UK casinos safe? This depends on several different factors. To ensure your safety during gambling at online casinos, here are the main safety indicators you should be aware of:

  • License
  • Reputation and reviews
  • Secure connection
  • Terms and conditions


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The first way to ensure an online casino is safe to play is by ensuring they’re a licensed operator. Trusting an unlicensed gambling site that doesn’t follow the required regulations is never recommended. The players will be more susceptible to the risk of getting scammed, and it may cause further legal complications.

Reputation and reviews

Before you trust a new non-UK casino, it’s best to check other people’s experiences with it. If most reviews you come by are negative, it indicates to a problem with the gambling site.

Even though many players don’t want to waste time researching, it’s of utmost importance to ensure you’re playing at a reputable site. Even a quick Google search can show an online casino’s good reputation and splendid reviews.

Secure connection

Another important safety measure is to check if the non-UK slots have a secure connection on the site. Failing to do so puts the player at risk of having their personal information misused when entering the non-UK casino. To check if the site is secure, you only need to check if there’s a padlock icon near the URL and that it starts with a “https”.

Terms and conditions

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Lastly, before someone starts playing at an online casino site, reviewing the terms and conditions is always recommended. Every reputable online casino will ensure their players have read their list of conditions before using their site. However, the non-UK licensed casinos that don’t offer a full disclosure usually try to hide some type of misconduct.

Choose Regulated and Licensed Casinos for Safe Gambling Experience

While many websites try out the best non-UK casinos, they don’t always have the best intentions for players coming from the United Kingdom. Thus, if someone’s looking for a safe gambling experience both at UK betting sites and at casinos outside the UK, they can ensure their safety through these two licenses:

UK Gambling Commission

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission is responsible for regulating online and offline gambling businesses to ensure the safety of the users. Thus, these gambling authorities protect the public from gambling by controlling gaming websites, poker sites, live casino games, sports betting, slot machines, lotteries, and Bingo halls. UK-based online casinos are highly praised because UK punters are allowed a fair playing field thanks to UK licenses.

Malta Gaming Authority

Even though the Malta casino sites are outside the United Kingdom, they’re still regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority. Thus, even though they’re non-UKGC sites, they’re considered one of the best online casinos due to the strict rules and regulations. Furthermore, since Malta was the first European Union member to regulate online casino games, their Remote Gaming Regulations are held to the highest standards.

Non-UK Casino vs Licensed UK Casinos

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If someone’s still wondering whether they should choose a non-UK casino site or a UK gambling site, it’s safe to say that trusting UK licence casino operators is always the best option. Even though the player has found the best non-UK casino, there’s  no way of knowing the casino’s intentions.

What do Non UK Casinos Offer That Regulated Casinos Don’t?

While some players turn to such a casino site for the game variety, others use it as a GamStop loop. With unlimited sports betting options, playing slots, and a hefty first deposit bonus, players may be tricked into trying them out.

Furthermore, some of the best non-UK casinos may also offer cash bonuses, free spins, and loyalty programs to keep the players returning back to their sites. But besides these seemingly beneficial offers, the risks are far greater than the advantages.

Payment Methods to Avoid at Non-UK Casinos

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The best way to ensure your safety when playing at non-UK registered gambling sites is to know which payment methods you should avoid. Even though many overseas casinos that accept UK players also accept popular payment methods, the ones that should be avoided are:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Bank transfers

The reason why these two options are the most unreliable is because they can easily be compromised. Even though many banks have safety procedures for online payments, the player still risks getting their information stolen and misused.

Why People Want to Play at Non-UK Casino Sites?

Many people may be tricked into trusting non-UK licensed casinos due to their various offers, such as free spins and cash bonuses. Furthermore, a non-UK casino may have more available games than the UK casino operators. Such are non-UK betting sites and non-UK slot sites. While some UK players put their online safety first, others look for that lucky win.

Moreover, a non-UK online casino is a solution for many players under Gamstop regulations. Since these restrictions don’t apply to sites outside the UK, players turn to non-UK gaming sites as a loophole.

 Without strict regulations, and without self-exclusion methods outside the UK, the player is more susceptible to gambling addictions and financial ruin.

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Responsible Gambling

Lastly, if someone’s determined to play at an online casino, it’s always recommended to be gambling responsibly. Several beneficial factors should be considered to ensure the player’s financial safety and well-being:

  • Setting Limits
  • Self-Exclusion Options
  • Gamstop

Setting Limits

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The first thing a player can do to ensure responsible gambling is to set limits. Even though many non-UK licensed casinos have a deposit bonus, it’s up to the player to know when they’ve had enough. While it may be tempting to continue playing with the free spins offers, respecting your limits once you’ve set them is important.

Self-Exclusion Options

For those who feel they don’t have control over their spending habits, various self-exclusion options are available online. While Gamstop is one of the most popular options, there are additional options for UK sites. They’re meant to regulate UK gaming sites and help players feel safe in the gambling industry.


For players who overstep their limits, the Gamstop program offers additional help and support to those struggling with a gambling addiction. All they need to do is register on the website, and the limitation on UK-registered casinos will be set in place.