Best casino campaigns

Most online casinos offer campaigns, promotions, and competitions on a somewhat regular basis. When you choose an online casino you should ask yourself, before you sign up, if promotions and bonus offers are important to you. In that case, we would recommend that you take a look at the promotion page on the UK casinos you’re thinking of becoming a member at. It can vary quite a lot. Some of the casinos offer something new every week or month while some doesn’t really bother to put in the time and effort to offer something more than casino games. (Read more)

In this article, we’ll take a deeper look into casino campaigns and what you can look forward to. There are different kinds of promotions and it’s a good thing if you’re familiar with how it works before you enter these competitions. Also, you should always be aware of if you need to opt-in or not. It would be a shame if you think you’re collecting points or tickets when you don’t because you haven’t started by clicking ”opt-in” first.


Different types of casino promotions

Different types of casino promotions So, as we mentioned there are different types of casino promotions you will be able to join when you play online. Many of the biggest UK casinos offer all of the different kinds of campaigns while others keep it simple with lesser options. To make it easier for you to get to know these campaigns we’ve compiled a little list below.

Draws or raffles

One popular campaign includes some kind of draw or raffle. To be able to join these promotions you normally have to opt-in and then you need to play selected slots and/or table games in order to earn tickets. It’s not unusual that you will get one ticket for every £25 you wager on these games. However, the prizes also play a part in this. If the casino offers exclusive prizes such as VIP trips or something similar you might need to wager even more money in order to get a ticket. Therefore it’s crucial that you read the terms and conditions closely before you enter the competition. Sometimes there are weekly draws and sometimes there’s a final draw. Raffles are exciting for everyone since all participants have the same chances of winning.

Bonus cash

Many casino promotions include bonus cash in some way. Usually as a prize within a raffle. Then you get a certain amount of bonus funds that you can use when you want to play slots and table games. This bonus cash comes with a wagering requirement that you need to be aware of.

Free spins

Free spins is the most popular casino bonus out there and it’s not very surprising that most promotions also include free spins in the prize pool. Some casinos incorporate free spins in another way in their promotions. For example, LeoVegas can give you one bonus spin on selected days within a campaign when you log in and open a special slot. Then you use your spin for free and by doing so you’re in a competition about cash prizes. Your win from that bonus spin will put you on a top list. The higher win the higher you will place yourself on the leaderboard.


Another extremely well-liked casino competition is the tournaments. How a tournament is set up is different all the time. It can be for one day or several days. Normally you will have to play selected slots and/or table games in order to collect points to the leaderboard. When you wager £x you will get one point. Grab as many points as you can if you want to win. Once again we want to remind you that it’s important that you read the rules for the specific tournament before you join the competition.

Cash drop

Far from every casino offers cash drops but the ones that do are rather generous about it. If you see a promotion with a cash drop it means that you can play chosen slots and while you do, for a minimum stake, you will get the chance to win an additional random cash prize.

Casino bonus offers online

When we’re talking about UK casinos and their campaigns we can’t forget to mention bonus offers as well. Every campaign doesn’t include a competition. We just covered it briefly above. There are actually promotions that all players can take part in if they want to just by making a deposit at a certain amount. When it comes to casino bonuses there are in particular a couple that you most likely will recognize:

  • Bonus spins: The always attractive bonus spins are usually up for grabs in some way every week. Many UK casinos know that their players value bonus spins and therefore they have a standing offer on selected weekdays. By making a deposit you will receive your bonus spins on one or several selected slots. Keep in mind that wagering requirement often applies to your winnings. However, nowadays you can find bonus spins that are completely free from wagering requirements as well. If you find a casino like this – stick to it. Everything you win with your bonus spins are yours to keep.
  • No Deposit bonus: As the name already tells you this is the extra bonus money you will receive when you register at your casino. A no deposit bonus can vary quite a bit but don’t be surprised if the casino will give you some free spins without depositing.
  • Reload bonus: The reload bonuses works the same way as the deposit bonuses. The percent is smaller though. When you claim a reload bonus it’s most likely 25%, 50% or 75%. Most casinos offer reload bonuses more frequently than deposit bonuses.
  • Cashback: A cashback is a promotion where you get some of your losses back if you play during a certain day or, for example, during the weekend. Cashback bonuses often apply when you play live casino games instead of slots. How much you will get back on your losses also varies from casino to casino.

Network promotions at UK casinos

One type of campaign that we see more and more often are network promotions. Mostly from two big providers – NetEnt and Yggdrasil. When you see a network campaign at your casino the prize pool is almost always something extraordinary you can win if you’re lucky. However, it’s more difficult to win since a network promotion runs at several casinos at the same time. The concept is rather new but we’re seeing it more frequently at many UK casinos. At BestCasino you will keep yourself updated with the biggest and latest network promotions from both NetEnt and Yggdrasil.

Casinos celebrating the holidays

Throughout the year we celebrate a bunch of magical holidays. The casinos tend to celebrate as well with you through big campaigns in order to make it even more special. Below we’re talking more about the various promotions you can look forward to, thanks to some of our biggest holidays. 

Easter campaigns

First out is Easter. The chickens and bunnies are visiting the casinos and they sure bring a lot of goodies. During Easter, the promotions also vary between different casinos. Some simply give you the opportunity to get deposit bonuses and bonus spins while others throw bigger competitions with grand prizes.

Summer promotions

Then there’s summer. Sure, this is not an actual holiday but nevertheless, many casinos like to highlight the warmth and that so many of us goes into vacay mode. So to celebrate summer it’s not unusual for UK casinos to put together some cooling promotions. Some last for weeks and some are shorter. If you’re a member at a casino that throws regular promotions you will probably find a campaign this summer as well.

Halloween at casinos

When the sun goes down and the temperature goes down while the days go darker it’s time for Halloween. At this time of the year, the casinos get a bit more creepy when they dig out their skeletons in their closet. Once again it’s time to keep your eyes open for spook-tacular campaigns and competitions!

Christmas Calendar

Sooner or later the snow will fall and it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. As we’re entering December it’s pretty safe to say that all UK casinos start some kind of calendar or promotion to countdown until it’s Christmas. However, many of the calendars don’t stop there. They keep on going until New Year’s Eve. Just so that you will get that sparkling start of another brand new year.

Frequent tournaments at UK casinos

A couple of years ago Casumo introduced their new concept with Reel Races. Since then a number of other casinos have followed in their footsteps, for example, Rizk with their Rizk Races and Casumos Reel Races. The basics are the same. You can enter new tournaments every day, around the clock. When you’re logged in you can see the schedule for upcoming races, which game you can compete in, how much you must bet and what you can win. Most of the time the prizes are pure cash and bonus spins. The fun part is that the races go on all the time. A tip is to go to Casumo if you really like this type of promotions since this casino often double the prize pool each night at 20.00 CET to a dazzling £2000.


As you can see there are a bunch of different promotions and campaigns you will get to know while you’re browsing the casinos online. Most of them keep the standards high with their offers and competitions but some of them doesn’t create as many promotions. Some casinos simply don’t put in the effort and a couple of them doesn’t work very well and therefore they skip the campaigns.

With so many versions of casino promotions, you will definitely find at least one that you really like. Whether it’s the cash drops, tournaments, raffles or simple bonus offers. Try a few and see what you think. Or maybe, you won’t like anyone and you just want to stick to playing your favourite casino games instead of participating in the promotions. It’s totally up to you what you want to do. Just remember that it’s supposed to be fun and exciting to play.

If you have any other questions about casino promotions you’re more than welcome to get in touch with the team at BestCasino. We’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible with the answers you need.