Why an online casino blocks your account

Most of the time it’s no biggie when you play your favourite slots and table games at UK casinos. However, if and when you do experience some kind of issue or problem it’s not all fun and games anymore. The team working with BestCasino aim to help you whenever you’re in need. At least we try to. In this article, we will take a little closer look at how you should target a blocked casino account. Because it might happen and there are of course several reasons to it, as well as solutions to this that will get you back on track.

Don’t freak out about a locked account 

So, imagine yourself typing the address of your go-to online casino in the UK in your browser. You add your username and your password. Now, something is wrong and you can’t access your account anymore. It’s blocked. The worst part is that you still have money left or even winnings that you want to be able to cash out. 

Our first tip to you is to not freak out and panic if this ever occurs. Just take it easy and slowly. Don’t start the customer live chat and rage against the poor support team member. They are there to help you but you can always be nice about it. Even if you’re frustrated. By acting like a decent human being you will most likely be helped much quicker. 

There are several reasons behind a blocked casino account. Therefore you shouldn’t fear the worst case scenario, that you can’t access your account ever again. We’re guiding you through some of the most common issues behind a blocked and locked casino account.

Common issues that can cause a problem

When you stumble upon your account being blocked you should start off by figuring out the main reason behind this. This is how you will be able to unlock the account and get back in the game. You can easily troubleshoot yourself, using our tips below: 

  • No more login attempts: If you don’t really remember your password and/or username and you try to log in too many times with the wrong details your account might be blocked. This is probably the most common reason to a locked account and it’s the easiest to solve. Just get in touch with the support and tell them about your problem.  
  • Problems with verification: Most of the UK casinos require some kind of verification when you want to make a withdrawal. If you haven’t sent these documents and try to cash out, the risk is that you’re facing a suspension of your account at the casino in question. However, if you have sent the verification documents and they don’t pass the casino’s control, you can be blocked instead. 
  • Violation against the T&C’s: We’re always talking about terms and conditions and you need to pay attention to this when you’re gambling online. By violating the terms and conditions at an online casino you will risk a blocked account. This is more common than one can think! 
  • You already have an account: It doesn’t matter where you play. You’re only allowed to register one account at any casino. By trying to create another account at the same casino you will much likely be blocked when the casino detects a duplicate account in your name. Keep in mind that this can happen if you’re using the same IP address as another player that is a member at the very same UK casino!
  • Wrong/fraudulent information: Choose a decent and trustworthy casino when you want to play online. If you don’t feel safe and supply fraudulent information you will also risk being blocked from your account. This way you will probably not even be able to unlock it again. 
  • You are minor: It’s required by law that you need to be 18+ to sign up and gamble at an online casino. If you try to join a casino as an underage person you will be blocked as well. 

Of course, there are other ways to get your account blocked at UK casinos but this list sums up some of the most usual reasons behind a lockout. Every casino has its own set of rules and you should read them before you make an unnecessary mistake. 

Unlock a blocked casino account 

Now to the most important question regarding this subject – how will you be able to unlock a blocked casino account again? As we mentioned earlier there’s no reason to freak out and panic from the start. Most of the time there is a simple and quick solution to your problem or issues. 

How will you be able to unlock a blocked casino account again?

First of all, you should get in touch with the support team. If there is a live chat available we would highly recommend this. Through a live chat, you will get help fast and easy when you need to unlock a blocked casino account. However, if this option is not there you can always send an e-mail, or even make a call if they have telephone support at your chosen casino. 

When you chat with the customer service team they should be able to tell you really quick why you’re blocked from your account as well as assist you with unlocking it. For example, if it happens to be that you’ve failed with your login attempts too many times they can send an e-mail with details on how to reset your details and account. When it’s a matter of verification problems you might just have to supply another or extra documents to get approved. 

You will not always be able to unlock a blocked account though, due to why it is locked. If you’ve done something that doesn’t go along with the casino’s terms and conditions you will probably not be able to take your matter any further and you can’t even file a complaint.