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Today we will dive into the Swedish casino market. It is a market that is rapidly growing every month. This includes both new online casinos and a lot of great games. 

We will also interview one of the most experienced companies when it comes to the Swedish casino market. The name of this company is They have been working with the Swedish casino affiliate market for a long time. Hopefully, they will give us some interesting answers to our questions today. 

Do Swedish players have any favorite casinos? 

Our first question to is if there are any online casinos in particular that Swedish players consider to be the best ones. We also want to know if they tend to choose some brands before others. 

There are some online casinos that, of course, are more popular than others. The reason for this is most likely that they are well-established casino sites. This means that people are familiar with them and feel safe while playing at them, says

Another reason is that they offer generous bonuses and a wide variety of casino games. It’s not uncommon with hundreds of slots combined with classic table games. A good example of a well-established online casino that Swedish players seem to choose is Spela Casino. This brand has a really good reputation. 

Spela also offers a lot of different casino games to choose from. Including a high-quality live casino section. This is most likely why it is so popular, says

Is there anything special that Swedish players want from an online casino? 

We also want to ask is if there is something special that the typical Swedish player looks for when he or she is choosing an online casino to play at. 

Safe and well-known casino brands are always popular among Swedish players. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t like new online casinos, says 

When there is a new online casino coming to the Swedish market, the players are quick to try it out. Just to see what it has to offer. Apart from safe online casinos, Swedes also like when things run smoothly, says 

What we mean by that is that you can start playing quickly and that payments are done rapidly. Luckily both of these things are available at Swedish online casinos today. Since all payments are made with Trustly, it means that both deposits and withdrawals are instant for those with a Swedish bank account. 

Do Swedish players consider new online casinos to be safe?

Our last question is if thinks that new online casinos in the Swedish market are considered unsafe among the players. 

Since we have a gambling regulation from January 2019 in Sweden, all casinos need to fulfill certain rules. So we would say that new online casinos are not considered unsafe among the majority of the players, says 

With that, we want to thank for participating in this interview. They gave us some good answers to our questions and a better look at the Swedish casino market.