Top Casino Games with The Best Odds (and worst)

From video poker to blackjack and European roulette to craps, join us. We explore the best casino games with the best odds of winning money in the UK. If you try to maximise your winnings, the first strategy is to play casino games with the best odds and low house edge. After our team of experts tested major casino game variants, these games delivered favourable odds.

Ranking the Casino Games with the Best Odds at Winning

Navigating casino odds online can be a confusing experience, especially since thousands of games are in the iGaming industry. Card games, slot machines, dice games and live dealer titles are all fighting for your attention – so which games are likely to give you value for money?

Before we can proceed with this casino odds guide, here are some terms you should know:

Percentage icon.

House edge – The statistical advantage gaming sites have over the player is usually expressed as a percentage. In short, it is the percentage of your bet that the casino keeps when you play a game.

RTP icon.

Return To Player (RTP) – The RTP percentage is the real money a player receives back from winning on their bet. Understanding the RTP values of a casino game will help you determine the average odds of winning.


Ante bet – This is the first and mandatory stake that a player must make before the initial round of the game starts. It is a standard bet and is vital in table game mechanics.

Best Odds Casino Games Ranked

Casino GameOdds Range
Craps (Don’t Pass and Don’t Come bets)50.71%
Sic Bo (Small or Big)50%
Craps (Pass Line and Come Bets)49.3% – 50%
Blackjack (Classic Blackjack)49% – 49.2%
Roulette (European roulette)48.70%
Roulette (American roulette)47.73%
Baccarat44% – 46%
Video Poker45.45%
Sic Bo (Straight number)29.20%
Bingo5% – 10%

49.3% to 50% – Craps

Craps table game is a form of dice variant. In this game, a player will roll the dice as other gamblers place their stage on how they think the round will end.

Craps is considered one of the best games to play at casino sites when they want to have fun and still win money. If the dice displays a 7 or 11, the shooter of the dice wins. A casino player must match the ‘point’ before the dice roll to 7 again. (The point is any number except 7 or 11).

While craps comes with various bets, there are simple strategies that players can use to increase their chances of winning. For instance, placing bets on numbers rolled more frequently – 7, 6, 8 and 9. Avoid making Any 7 Bet, as the house edge increases to 16.67%.

Avarage RTP85% to 99%
Avarage house edge1.5% to 1%
Variants with the best oddsDon’t Pass and Don’t Come bets. (50.71%)
Variants with least oddsPass Line and Come Bets (49.3%)

49% to 49.2% – Blackjack

The most popular casino game at online casinos is Blackjack, probably for its high RTP and huge odds of winning. The goal is to finish this card game with a hand value of 21 or the most significant value closest to 21. You aim to beat the dealer’s hand or land a TIE even if you are multiple players.

Another appealing fact about blackjack is that players can use blackjack strategies to increase their chances of winning. Most importantly, you will enjoy a lower house edge when playing blackjack than any other casino game.

Some strategies include standing on 17, doubling Down on 11, and never splitting on 10s. You can also boost your real money wins by splitting 8s and Aces. Avoiding a Tie Bet is also wise since it has a 14.36% house edge.

Avarage RTP on blackjack99%
Avarage house edge0.5% to 1%
Variants with the best oddsClassic Blackjack (single deck)
Variants with least oddsPontoon

47.30% to 48.70% – Roulette

Roulette wheel

Roulette is the second most played table game at top online casino sites. While there are many game variants, European roulette has the best casino games variants and a vast fan base due to its vast odds of winning and high payouts. With European roulette, you have 37 packets (1-36 and a single zero), but American roulette has 38 packets (1-36 and two zeroes).

All a player must do is bet on the number, colour or space where they think the ball will land after the roulette wheel stops spinning. Note that the odds of winning are better with European roulette because there is only one zero.

If you want to play this casino game to win money, you should avoid betting on straight numbers to increase your chance of winning on roulette. Players have better odds of winning when they make even bets, e.g. red/black and odds or even.

Avarage RTP97.3% to 98.65%
Avarage house edge2.70% to 1.35%
Variants with the best oddsEuropean roulette (48.70)
Variants with least oddsAmerican roulette (47.73)

44% to 46% – Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the most popular casino games with best odds to win, even if its your first time. It also comes with favourable odds of winning at online casinos, which adds to its popularity. Other players refer to this game as Punto Banco.

Baccarat has three betting options: Player, Banker or Tie (the tie option has the worst odds of winning). You must bet who will draw a nine or a hand value closest to 9.

If you place a bet on the Banker, you have better odds of winning on live baccarat and solo table games. Still, different Baccarat variants might have varying rules, depending on the software company that made the game. For instance, Lightning Baccarat comes with multipliers, but Speed Baccarat gives players only 48 seconds to place a bet.

Avarage RTP98.56% to 98.94%
Avarage house edge1.24 to 1.06
Variants with the best odds45.8%
Variants with least odds44.6%

45.45% – Video Poker games

Video Poker game.

This surprises many beginner casino players, but poker offers some of the best odds of winning. With so many variants available, understanding the odds of playing poker can be dismaying. Moreover, each poker hand comes with its odds of winning. It’s also worth noting that a poker variant can be available in more than 1 software company.

For example, Jacks or Better poker by Playtech has a minimum bet of £5 and a max win of 4000x your stake. However, Jacks or Better by NetEnt has a minimum bet limit of £0.01 or £0.50.

Avarage RTP99% to 99.5%
Avarage house edge2% to 1%
Variants with the best oddsJacks or Better, Three Card Poker
Variants with least oddsCaribbean Stud Poker

Casino Games with the Worst Odds

34.72% – Sic Bo

Sic Bo table.

Just like craps and blackjack, Sic Bo is played on a casino table. Players will place bets on the table, and the dice are locked in a chest that only the dealer takes care of. After the wagers have been made, the dealer will shake the chest and reveal the combinations created by three dice.

There are 13 betting options, but the Small or Big bets have the best odds of forming a win. You have a 50/50 chance of winning these bets, which is way better than making a triple bet. Investing with the most diminutive bet sizes or denominations is also better.

Avarage RTP82.02% to 97.22%
Avarage house edge2.78% to 18.98%
Variants with the best oddsSmall or Big
Variants with least oddsStraight number (29.20%)

25% – Keno

Balls with numbers on them.

Keno has one of the highest house edge rates in online casinos. Depending on your version, the house edge can be as high as 25%, making it only one of the lowest-paying games online. No wonder UK gamblers typically play Keno for fun and entertainment.

Avarage RTP85% to 95%
Avarage house edge25%
Variants with the best odds1 (25%)
Variants with least odds10 (11%)

25% – Backgammon

Backgammon game

Backgammon variants are dice online casino games requiring skill and luck. The ultimate goal is to shift your chequers around the online board and into your home grid. Most players opt for the running strategy, which involves moving the chequers as fast as possible before the simulation gains an advantage over you.

More and more British players are choosing to play backgammon, which is pushing all top casino sites are including this game to their lobby.

Avarage RTP90%
Avarage house edge10%
Variants with the best odds1 piece
Variants with least odds2 pieces

20% – Scratchcards


The odds of winning a million-dollar lottery or scratch card is 1 in 5,500. There is a common joke amongst fans that a person has a higher chance of being hit by lightning twice than winning a mega jackpot lottery. Therefore, a player might spend over £20,000 to win a £1,000 lottery prize.

Like Bingo, your odds of winning money will increase as you buy more lottery cards and there is no skill involved in these casino games to win.

Avarage RTP70%
Avarage house edge30%
Variants with the best odds
Variants with least odds

5% to 10%- Bingo

Bingo doesn’t have a specific odds range. The more cards you have in the round, the higher the odds of forming a win. In simple terms, each card adds a 2% chance of winning. Furthermore, each call shall boost your odds.

In Bingo, ‘Calls’ are the numbers announced by the casino and determined by Random Number Generators. While 75 calls are made in 75-Ball Bingo, 90 calls will be made in 90-Ball Bingo. Your chances of winning real cash get better as more numbers are called out. For example, your odds are low on the 20th but higher on the 50th call.

Avarage RTP75% to 85%
Avarage house edge15% to 25%
Variants with the best odds75 Ball bingo
Variants with least odds90 Ball bingo


Frequently asked questions

Which casino game has the best odds of winning?

Video poker and blackjack are the top games to choose if you want to enjoy the best odds in a casino. Craps is another game with fantastic gambling odds, as long as you avoid any 7 bets.

What casino games have the best payouts?

Casino online games with the best payout rates must have an RTP of 90% or above. The most significant return to player rates is in blackjack and poker games. If you'd rather play slot machines, there's a list of the best slot games with the highest RTPs at

What is house edge?

Also known as casino edge, this is the percentage of an online casino's advantage over players. Theoretically, a game with a 10% house edge means players will win £90 for a £100 bet.

Do online slots have good odds of winning?

While slot machine games have mid odds of winning, they remain the most popular options at land-based and online casinos. Nevertheless, slots come with bonus features that help players form winning combinations. Above all, progressive jackpot slots allow players to make bigger wins than in regular slots.