The latest trend: Virtual Reality Casinos 

It’s no secret that technology and the internet are in an ever-developing process. This goes for UK online casinos as well, and one of the latest trends in the industry is virtual reality casinos. Now, not all know about this and the ”boom” isn’t here – yet. How does it even work? We’re going to try to tell you more about this new exciting feature that we probably will see at more and more UK casinos in the near future. Be prepared for a new gambling experience!

Explore virtual reality casinos online 

As most people know, that virtual reality technology has been adopted mainly by video gamers, until this day. Now it’s time for the trend to hit the online casinos as well. The question is, will it take of the online gambling industry? Or will it pass? No one knows for sure but we’re pretty sure this is just the beginning of VR casinos.

When we’re talking about VR casinos on the internet nowadays it’s basically a way for online casinos to replicate real land-based casinos. This makes it possible for UK casinos to offer their players a more intense experience of their products. Also, this creates a brand new opportunity for players to try a land-based casino even though they don’t have access to a physical casino near them. It can be the same way around as well, when land-based players want to go online but doesn’t want to give up the experience of playing in real life. 

When you’re visiting a virtual reality casino you will face a three-dimensional view instead of the ordinary two-dimensional casino view. You can also interact with the actual environment in the casino which is one of the main factors behind getting to know a land-based casino. 

VR casinos for beginners 

If you haven’t tried a virtual reality casino we are giving you a quick guide to how it actually works. First of all, you will see that there are similarities to virtual video games on the market since the whole concept and idea is pretty much the same. In order for you to try a VR casino, you will, however, need some equipment. If you’ve played VR video games you probably already have this at home. We’re talking about gears such as Oculus Rift, HTC’s Vive and so on. With these special goggles, you will take your gambling to a whole other level. Make sure you’re prepared for what’s to come. 

When you enter a VR casino there will be most of the usual casino games that you will find when you visit a UK casino on the internet. This includes both slots and classic table games. Right now the current VR casinos don’t offer as many games as the ordinary online casinos but the number is increasing all the time. Luckily the ones that are available are some of the hottest on the market. 

You can look forward to high-resolution graphics and sounds which will give you a better experience of your favourite games compared to when you play as usual, without VR. Another exciting feature is that you will be able to interact with other visitors in the VR casino. 

Buy the right equipment for your visit 

Except for your VR goggles, you will need a computer or a laptop with a little extra power if you want to play at a VR casino. Make sure that you do your homework before you head out to buy your equipment. A little research is your best friend since gear like this is rather expensive. For example, read reviews about different products to get a feel of their advantages as well as their disadvantages. Even though you’re not a tech nerd you will get at the hang of it soon. 

As mentioned previously you will need a computer or a laptop with some extra juice if you want the ultimate VR casino experience. If you don’t have a decent computer it’s no use buying any expensive VR equipment either. For example, these are some specs you should go for in a laptop/computer in order to get the best VR gambling experience: 

  • At least Intel i5-4590
  • At least 8GB+ RAM
  • At least Windows 7 SP1
  • At least 2 USB 3.0 ports and HDMI 1.3
  • At least NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD 290

The perks of VR casino gambling 

We do think that virtual online casino gambling is the future, even though it’s not really up and running as smoothly yet. There are of course both pros and cons, as with everything else when it comes to VR casinos. Let’s dive into the most common ones on both sides. Then it’s up to you to decide what you think of the whole thing. 


  • A new social way of playing while you interact with other casino visitors and gamblers. 
  • Your presence will be detected when you enter a VR casino and starts a game. 
  • Talk to the human dealers at the table through a live chat. 
  • A new way of online gambling. 
  • Try many different games – from slots to table games. 
  • Enjoy the feeling of a true land-based casino from your home. 


  • Rather expensive to buy the necessary equipment and gear.
  • You might spend more on your gambling than you would otherwise. 
  • The new experience might get you to think more about gambling in general. 
  • You might lose track of time while you play through VR. 
  • Fewer games to choose from than at ordinary online casinos. 
  • You can’t play while you’re on the run. 

Now, will you try a virtual reality casino? Let us know what you think!