Best Time to Play Pokies

Online pokies are arguably the greatest invention in the modern online casino world. These games are very easy to play, yet can be very rewarding.

Moreover, the demand for online pokies in New Zealand is so big these days that software providers compete all the time over who releases the better game. Therefore, you can just imagine that we can now find world-class online slots, as long as we play at reputable online casinos.

Here, in this article, we will provide you with all information you need to play online pokies. Keep reading to find out what is the best time to play pokies alongside how they work exactly.

The Science Behind Randomness

Well, let’s start with the basics here. Before you play pokies, you need to understand what are RNGs or Random Number Generators.

With online casinos in New Zealand, fairness & randomness are guaranteed with RNGs. A Random Number Generator is an algorithm or a computer program that randomly generates results in any pokie machine.

RNGs produce sequences of numbers that don’t follow any pattern, so that is how all outcomes at casino games are guaranteed to be random.

Lastly, independent audit companies are in charge of testing whether the RNG on the casino site work as needed. Thanks to this, pokies players can rest assured that no casino game follows any particular pattern.

Daytime vs. Nighttime: Analyzing Player Behavior

One of the very first questions you might ask yourself is whether the time of the day you choose to play video pokies has any influence on your winnings.

Well, the answer here is not that simple. Of course, online casino games run on RNGs, as mentioned above, so there is no magic formula or time of the day when you are guaranteed to secure wins.

This is where player psychology comes into practice. Some researchers say that when Kiwis play online pokies at day, they tend to make better decisions – thanks to your clear head that isn’t bothered by stress.

However, as you can imagine, this is very relative. Most of us associate online gambling with an activity that is mainly done at night. There are research studies that show punters tend to spend more money when gambling at night, especially if they have finished all their daily activities and there is nothing else left to do.

Overall, we at BestCasino would argue that there is no magic answer on what is the best time to play video pokies. It all comes down to your preferences, so as long as you gamble responsibly, you have nothing to worry about.

Weekdays vs. Weekends: Traffic and Rewards

Moving on, this one should be quite obvious. During weekends, most pokie players have more free time than during the weekdays, so understandably, the traffic at online casinos is much bigger.

Online casino sites know this as well, so that is why they make sure to include special offers and promotions you can claim. These offers vary, depending on the site, but Kiwis can expect:

  • Free spins on popular games;
  • Reload bonuses;
  • Casino tournaments for online pokies;
  • Cashback incentives.

This does not mean that you won’t be able to claim rewards during the week, but sites tend to get a bit more creative when the weekend starts.

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Seasonal Influence on Pokie Play

Yes, seasons have a big impact on how people behave and with that – how long New Zealanders play online pokies or other casino games. With the changing weather conditions, the online gambling industry also witnesses changes in punters’ behaviour.

During the winter, as it is much colder outside, you would normally tend to stay indoors. Therefore, you have much more free time to play your favourite online pokie machine.

Of course, we have to take the opposite into consideration as well. During the warmer spring or summer months, you would normally go to picnics, walks, to the beach, and so on. Therefore, you might not have much time to play online casino games.

That is why we witness so many winter-themed pokies. Game providers know that when people are free, they will be more engaged with games, so they make sure to utilize that. The same goes with all holidays – Easter, Christmas, etc. – there are tons of games with a holiday theme.

Unveiling Jackpot Patterns

If you are looking for patterns for securing a big profit out of a jackpot pokie machine, then we are sorry to disappoint you.

As mentioned above, pokie machines on every reliable casino site in NZ run on RNGs. Therefore, there is no way to predict when the jackpot will hit and when you will win big. Jackpot pokies run very simply – a small portion of each bet is added to a common jackpot prize pool. Every once in a while, a lucky winner secures the big win, after which the jackpot meter resets to zero.

For that reason, there is not really any strategy you can use when you play pokies, apart from some general ones:

  • Understand the game that you play;
  • Wait for the jackpot to reach a high sum to play the game;
  • Don’t wager enormous amounts thinking that you have a better chance to secure the jackpot;
  • Read game reviews before playing.
  • Set a budget for playing the jackpot slot machine and never step out of it.

The Casino Environment’s Impact on Gambling

Now, we can shift a bit towards the land-based gambling sector. The casino’s interior design is a very thoughtful and intentional process, so there is much planning going into how the casino looks.

Therefore, architects implement various designs in casinos, so you are sure to find bright rooms with decorative elements and open windows.

Moving on, you will also see warm colours, like red and yellow, being dominant in a casino. It is also not a coincidence to see tables covered in green, as that is a colour we associate with money.

Lighting and sound also have a great impact on how visitors behave. Soft lighting will make you feel right at home and you won’t notice the time passing, so you will inherently stay longer. Lastly, sounds are also important, as high-energy sounds from poker machines or pokies create an atmosphere of excitement.

The Role of Online Pokies

We at BestCasino believe it is safe to assume that online video pokies take over the entire gambling world. There are various advantages that online games bring to active players in the casino sector:

  • Convenience – you can play from any location, at any time;
  • Rich choice – unlike in land-based casinos, online gambling sites have thousands of different-themed pokies you can enjoy;
  • Bonus features – online pokie games have tons of integrated bonus features and rounds, unlike traditional games;

Early Bird or Night Owl: Personalized Timing

At the end of the day, each player has different preferences for gambling, depending on their natural body clock – their circadian rhythm, their responsibilities, work schedule, etc.

If you visit a casino in the early hours, don’t forget that you usually have other responsibilities during the day, so you cannot forget about time and spend the whole day there.

On the other side, if you are more into nighttime gambling, then we would advise you not to lose yourself in the environment.

By this, we mean that the vibrant casino atmosphere may be an incentive for you to drink a bit more than usual. Remember – drinking alcohol is one of the worst actions you can take when gambling, as this is how you make rash and irrational decisions.

The Myth of Quiet Hours

Newbies in the gambling world may think that quiet casino hours are ideal to secure a nice win. Well, once again, we will disappoint you, as that is a myth that needs debunking.

Of course, there are quieter hours for gambling, both in the land-based and online sectors, but one thing is sure – you don’t have bigger chances of securing a win if fewer people gamble at the moment.

Weather’s Influence on Player Behavior

As briefly mentioned above, the weather has a big impact on how punters in New Zealand behave during the day, and with it – how they approach a pokie machine.

The logic here is very straightforward – if the weather is nice enough, you probably won’t think about sitting at home gambling or visiting a land-based casino. You will instead enjoy that weather and spend it with your close ones.

On the other side, cold or rainy weather almost guarantees you stay at home, so that is most probably when you will log in to your favourite online gambling site and enjoy your favourite pokie.

Analyzing Jackpot Triggers

Each video pokie has its own rules, RTP and jackpot hit rate, so the triggers will vary from one game to another. There are various ways in which you can trigger the jackpot in a game, with the most common ones being:

  • Randomly on any spin;
  • By lining up a certain symbol combination;
  • Via a mini-game bonus round.

Due to the RNG nature of jackpot pokies at casinos, you cannot predict when the next winning spin will come.

Pokie Manufacturers and Timing Tricks

Timing can often be the difference between success and failure, regardless of the business. That is how the term “near-misses” has been developed.

Various studies have shown that near-misses can have similar a win-like effect on the gambler, even though they come away empty-handed. This way, punters will spend more time playing the game, therefore they will spend more money.

Special Events and Tournaments

One of the most popular types of promotions for many pokies players is pokies tournaments. So, a tournament is not complicated to understand at all. You will compete against other players in a quest to secure the most points and finish on top of the leaderboard.

Every pokie tournament has different rules, depending on the casino, but some mutual aspects involve:

  • Every punter competes in the same game;
  • The winner is the one who has the most points;
  • Every tournament has a specific start and end time.

Avoiding the Crowd: Optimal Timing

If you are one of the casino players who don’t want overcrowded floors when playing pokies, then you will be happy to know that the casinos are not always full of people.

There are optimal times, such as in the morning when you can go to the casino and enjoy your favourite games with complete peace of mind. Keep in mind that during the weekends, even the mornings can be full of people in the casino.

Money Management Trumps Timing

Luck plays a major part in gambling, and you cannot control most of the things when playing casino games – results, wins, etc. However, there is one aspect that you can and must control – money management.

Gambling addiction is a very serious problem that can have major repercussions on Kiwi’s everyday life. Therefore, we strongly advise punters to set a budget for their gambling activities – whether they are daily, weekly or monthly.

It is crucial to never step out of those financial boundaries if New Zealanders are to enjoy gambling for what it is – a nice pastime activity.

The Gambler’s Circadian Rhythm

Your circadian rhythm will determine your physical, mental, and behavioural changes during the day. So, of course, it will have an impact on your decision-making as a gambler.

For you not to disrupt your circadian rhythm, it is essential you get a good night’s sleep. Sleeping well will prepare you for everything that awaits you during the day – gambling included. If your sleep is disrupted, then there can be serious implications on your health – ones that will affect your gambling activities as well:

  • Increased stress;
  • Mood disorders;
  • Emotional distress;
  • Reduced quality of life.

Summary: Timing Tips for Successful Pokie Play

Overall, we can say that you need lots of luck if you are to be successful when playing pokies online in New Zealand. The time of the day doesn’t have much of an impact unless you feel better playing at certain parts of the day. So, some of our tips for successful gameplay, regardless of the time of the day are:

  • Practice with demo versions first;
  • Understand all rules around the game;
  • Start off small;
  • Play games in New Zealand casinos with high RTP;
  • Control your budget.

These tips don’t guarantee you a win, but they can help you at least shift the odds a bit in your favour.


Pokie timing is a very complex science. There is no universal answer on when is the best time to play video pokies, as all depends on the punter themselves.

However, there is one thing that we can recommend, and we can finish this article that way – always remember to gamble responsibly, regardless of the time of the day. Responsible gambling practices will surely optimize your entire gambling adventure.