Top Roulette Strategies (Advanced and Beginner)

Using a roulette strategy has become a common practice for NZ players. After all, it increases your chances of a potential win. The use of online roulette strategies isn’t forbidden, but before you do so, you ought to know several things. 

That’s what BestCasino will help you with here. We’re not just going to list some of the best strategies, we’ll also help you get more familiar with them. We’ll take a look at their pros and cons and aid in choosing the right one, per your style of play.

What is the Best Roulette Strategy with the Highest Success Rate?

The first thing that you should remember is that no roulette strategy is 100% successful. Like all other casino games, roulette is a game of chance. RNGs determine the outcomes. By using certain strategies, you can only increase your chances of a win. 

When playing, you’ll come across both simpler and more complex strategies. The simplest ones are a great way to see how the whole system works. Here are some of them. 


Martingale is the most common roulette strategy in NZ casinos. Its basics are very simple and as such, they’re perfect for newbies

How Does the Martingale System Work?

The whole concept in Martingale is to double your bet every time you lose. However, you must wager on outside bets. Their payouts are 2:1 or 3:1 and sooner or later, you’ll either break even or make a small profit. As soon as you reach these points, you stop playing.

There’s also the reverse Martingale system. Here, you double your bet every time you hit a winning combination. 

Martingale System Pros and Cons


  • Easy to comprehend 
  • Applicable to all roulette variants 
  • Usable on low-risk bets 


  • Requires a large bankroll 


Fibonacci is a sequence by the mathematician of the same name. Each following number is the sum of the previous two. Hence, the sequence goes like 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8….. The Italian mathematician Fibonacci (Leonardo Bonacci), created this model. 

How Does the Fibonacci System Work?

In online roulette, the numbers in your sequence represent your bet amount. Every time you lose, you bet the amount that’s next in line and stop when you win a certain profit. 

Fibonacci System Pros and Cons


  • Simple to calculate and follow
  • Lower losses 
  • No natural end, you can finish whenever you want 


  • Not for long-term playing 


The Labouchere system is one of the more complex systems in the world of roulette strategies. It’s based on creating a numbered sequence. Henry Labouchère, a renowned British journalist/politician, created this strategy. 

How Does the Labourchere System Work?

So, the sequence can contain any numbers that you like. The idea is the following. You take the first and the last number in the sequence and you add them. The sum is your bet amount. If you win the wager, you cross out the two numbers. If you lose the bet, you add another number to the sequence. Keep in mind that the strategy is most successful on outside bets.

Labourchere System Pros and Cons


  • Massive flexibility with betting
  • Applicable on low-risk bets 
  • Used on other games aside from roulette


  • The winning odds aren’t that great


Finally, we have the simplest known strategy for roulette – D’Alembert. Its simplicity is the reason why this strategy is perfect for those who are just starting to get the hang of roulette games. This is a negative progression system based on bets that have a 2:1 payout (odd/even, red/black, high/low). 

How Does the D’Alembert System Work?

D’Alembert works on the following principle. First, you come up with a certain bet amount. Each time you win the bet, you increase your wager by NZ$1. Each time you lose, you decrease your bet by NZ$1. 

D’Alembert System Pros and Cons


  • Doesn’t require a high bankroll
  • Perfect strategy for newbies
  • Works on even bets


  • May lead to more losses than wins

Choosing the Right Strategy for You

The big question here is which roulette strategy you should implement when playing this online game. Well, to find the answers, you must consider a few things:

  • What’s your bankroll 
  • Are you a risk-taker? 
  • What’s your goal while playing? 

Considering the Bankroll 

First and foremost, the strategy depends on how big your bankroll is. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to spend too much money, then you should opt for strategies that are easy on your budget. D’Alembert is a good pick based on this note. 


Some Kiwi players are looking for an adrenaline rush. Others are just looking for a fun way to spend their time. Adrenaline seekers are higher risk-takers and hence, may look for more complex or higher-budget strategies such as the Martingale system. 

The Ultimate Goal

Finally, you should ask yourself, what’s your goal while playing NZ online roulette? Are you simply looking for a new type of entertainment? Or are you looking to benefit from some winnings? If entertainment is your goal, then simpler and budget-friendly strategies are a better pick. 

3 Practical Tips for Implementing Strategies

Of course, you can’t forget about the fact that you need to be smart when implementing any of the strategies we explained so far. We at BestCasino NZ are always going the extra mile, which is why we’re happy to share a few practical tips of our own. 

Manage Your Bankroll Effectively

Playing online roulette at NZ casinos and implementing strategies means that you’ll have to spend real money. So, make sure that you manage your bankroll effectively. There’s no need to take unnecessary risks. 

If you wish to be more effective in this field, you can consider setting wager or deposit limits. Licensed casino sites in New Zealand are required to enforce responsible gambling policies. Setting deposit and wager limits are among those policies. You can also set loss limits. These tools are fantastic when it comes to managing your bankroll. 

Consider Taking Advantage of Bonuses and Promotions

Casino sites in New Zealand are no strangers to offering bonuses and promotions. These promos are quite diverse as well:

  • Welcome packages 
  • No deposit bonus money 
  • Cashback bonuses
  • Match bonuses
  • Reload bonuses
  • VIP programs 

They can allow you to play online roulette with strategies without actually wagering your money. This may lead to a better overall gaming experience. Here’s one thing you should take into consideration, though. 

Each bonus at NZ casinos comes with terms and conditions. If you want to claim the bonus, use it and withdraw its winnings, you must meet them. Pay extra attention to wagering requirements and the validity period. Wagering will tell you how much real money you must stake at the operator before you can withdraw bonus winnings. 

On the other hand, the validity period will tell you how fast you need to meet wagering and other T&Cs. Check whether online roulette is eligible, as well. 

Set Realistic Goals

To enjoy playing online roulette, you should set realistic goals. This applies to the budget, the goal of playing, why are you implementing the strategy, etc. As soon as you’re real and honest with yourself, you’ll have the time of your life. 

Advanced Strategies and Techniques

The aforementioned online roulette strategies are among the simplest and most popular among NZ players. They’re not the only ones, though. There are a few more advanced options on the horizon. They’re designed for those who have larger experience and/or higher bankroll. So, if you’re quite familiar with online roulette and its rules, you may consider them when you play next. 

Double Street Quad 

Online roulette doesn’t require you to place just one bet. You are more than welcome to wager on multiple outcomes. Double Street Quad takes full advantage of that possibility. The idea is the following. 

You place two street bets, a straight bet and a corner bet. In doing so, you cover 17 numbers. Make sure that the bets don’t overlap some numbers, though. If you do so, you reduce your chances of hitting a winning number.

The payouts depend on the type of bet that ends up as a winning one. A straight bet has a 36:1 payout, a corner bet has an 8:1 payout and each street bet has an 11:1 payout. The good thing about Double Street Quad is that it can lead you to smaller winnings, but if you end up guessing the straight-up bet, you’ll enjoy a hefty payout. 

Sector Targeting 

The idea behind sector targeting is simple, but you need a huge bankroll to benefit from it. The idea behind this strategy is to carefully observe where the ball stops in every round. You note every outcome. Then, you analyze the information and see which sector is the most targeted one. 

So, you bet on numbers that are within that sector. The reason why this strategy isn’t used by casuals or newbies is that it requires a lot of information. The only way to gather this information is to bet numerous times. The more rounds you accumulate, the more information you’ll have. 

As such, you’ll be able to make a better guess on future outcomes. The only problem here is that the more rounds you accumulate, the more money you’re likely to spend

Biased Wheel Analysis

Biased wheel is something that is almost impossible to occur at licensed NZ casino sites. Here’s why. This strategy relies on rigged betting rounds or imperfections of the wheel itself. Licensed casinos use RNGs to create random outcomes for each round. Hence, game rigging is impossible. Wheel imperfections are also impossible because, in our scenario, they’re digital. 

Nevertheless, the strategy is worth a mention. The process is similar to sector targeting. You’ll need to keep track of the numbers where the ball drops. Mathematics says that each number has a 2.7% of dropping. Then, you use the table to gather information. 

The only way to make use of this strategy is in live roulette. These games are hosted by real dealers. The idea here is to see whether the wheel is faulty. To do that, keep track of the ball and its movements. 

Each number in the wheel is separated by frets. When the ball hits decent frets, it will bounce a few times. However, if the ball doesn’t bounce too much, then it’s probably loose and faulty. So, the ball is more likely to land in the neighbouring numbers. Your task is to keep an eye on these loose parts and make the best use of them. 

James Bond Strategy 

James Bond is a strategy where the starting bet is NZ$20. You bet on three outcomes:

  • NZ$14 on high numbers (19-36) 
  • NZ$5 on double street (13-18) 
  • NZ$1 on 0 

In doing so, you cover 25 numbers on the table. If you hit a high number, your payout is 2:1, street bets have a payout of 11:1 and betting on the zero has a 36:1 payout. 


Frequently asked questions

What is the easiest way to win at roulette?

There’s no easy way to win at roulette. This is a game of chance and no outcome is guaranteed. You can use roulette strategies to increase your chances, but they don’t guarantee you anything as well.

What to bet on roulette?

Roulette has numerous betting types. It all depends on the type of player you are. If you’re a casual or a newbie, then outside bets like red/black and odd/even are perfect. You can also implement a few strategies for them.

What is the best strategy for a beginner roulette player?

One of the best strategies for beginners is the Fibonacci sequence. It doesn’t have a natural end, hence, you can finish whenever you want.

Can you get banned or kicked out for using roulette strategies?

No, roulette strategies are legal. You’re more than welcome to use them when you play at online casinos in New Zealand.