Top 5 Casino Myths Busted

As casino players, it can be tempting to believe some of the many casino myths that have been floating around for years. But can games really be rigged by a casino, and can a slot be “hot” or “cold”? In this article, we take a closer look at five of the most common casino myths.

1. Games can be “rigged” by the casino

The myth that online casinos can “fix” their games has existed as long as the online casinos themselves. The idea is that casinos can change the games to make them harder to win in, either for everyone or for individual players. As a result, the online casino would make more money on specific games or ensure that a winning player suddenly starts losing instead.

Fortunately, this is not possible. Casinos have no influence over the games they offer. The reason for this is that the games are created by third-party game developers, and they are tested and authorized before they are launched. Slots and other casino games are based on random number generation, which is meant to ensure that each individual round is random. Neither casino operators nor game studios can change the algorithms whenever they feel like it.

2. Slots pay out more right after being released

Have you ever won a lot in a brand new game but lost the next time you played it? Another common myth is that slots and other types of games pay out more frequently right after being released. Such a system could make players enjoy a new game because they win a lot in the beginning, just to lose it all back and more over time.

Of course, this myth is also not true. Slots have a return to player percentage (RTP), and as long as this percentage remains untouched, you won’t win any more or less over time. As pointed out earlier, casinos do not have the ability to change a game whenever they want. That being said, some casinos do offer games with lower RTPs than other sites. That’s why it may be a good idea to check the RTP before deciding to play a game.

3. You win more in demo mode

The majority of casinos allow players to play their games in demo mode. This is a useful feature, as players get the chance to try out a game without having to wager their own money. If you’re not sure whether you’re going to like the game or not, you can try it out for free before deciding to play it with your real balance.

It can be easy to believe that game providers increase the chance of winning in practice mode so that players will think it is easier to win than it really is and thus be tempted to play it with real money. But the truth is that this would be false marketing and potentially a breach of the rules that licensed game developers are required to comply with.

Casino Myths

4. Casino games can be “hot” and “cold”

It can sometimes feel as if slots can be “hot” or “cold.” Perhaps you have experienced getting tons of bonuses in a slot, but the next time you play it, it feels completely dead no matter how many rounds you play. Could it be that another player recently won a lot of money on the same slot, thereby making it go “cold”?

Slots do not have a memory, and each round plays out independently from previous rounds. This means that no matter how much you have won or lost previously, the next round will be completely random. There are no systems that can make a game pay out more or less based on these factors, even though it certainly can feel like it at times.

5. You can use a system to guarantee a profit

You have probably heard of various systems that supposedly will help you make a profit in a casino game. A typical example is Martingale, a system where you keep doubling your bet until you win. Another one is counting cards in blackjack, a system that was commonly used in casinos in the 80s and 90s.

In reality, there are no reliable systems that can ensure your success in a casino game. Of course, systems like Martingale can work over shorter sessions, but you will never get an edge over the house in the long run. When it comes to blackjack, counting cards does not work in online blackjack games that are played with an infinite number of decks. As a result, you should be very skeptical of systems that promise that you will win.

posted on 18 July, 2022
updated 25 July, 2022
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Top 5 Casino Myths Busted
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Top 5 Casino Myths Busted
As casino players, it can be tempting to believe some of the many casino myths that have been floating around for years. But can games...
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