Top 5: Gamblers throughout the history 

As you probably know, gambling is not something new. In fact, humans have been gambling in different ways for centuries. Most of the classic table games are more than a hundred years old, which says a lot about how exciting and thrilling it can be. Everyone can play casino games. If you win or lose has to do with luck and the outcome is random. Whether it is games played with cards or dices – or even slots.

It doesn’t matter if you’re famous or just a common person. However, it’s a bit fun to know that there have been a number of celebrities throughout history that have been into gambling. This was, of natural causes, before online casinos were introduced. Even though these people were willing to take risks and loved to gamble, it doesn’t necessary means that they were great, or even successful while placing their bets. 

The one and only – Giacomo Casanova 

Giacomo Casanova, known as an Italian adventurer and writer, was also famous for getting money from women, spying and last but not least gambling. If you haven’t heard of him in person, you might have heard about his last name since it’s mostly connected to being a ladies man. Or a so-called “womanizer”. Giacomo Casanova traveled around Europe in the 1700th century.

Madame Deficit – Queen Marie-Antoinette 

Another gambler in history that we should consider famous is no one other than Marie-Antoinette, a former queen of France. If you’ve seen the movie with Kirsten Dunst you’re probably aware of her heavily spending. Mostly on fashion and other luxury items but also on gambling. This was even though France and its people were suffering, thanks to the financial crises at the time. No wonder Marie-Antoinette was named Madame Deficit.

The Iconic Writer – Fyodor Dostoyevsky

It’s no secret that the Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky wrote many recognized novels until his death. One of them being The Gambler. This one was actually based on the writers own personal experiences of gambling. Fyodor Dostoyevsky loved games of chance but he also, unfortunately, suffered from a gambling addiction. 

The Struggling Artist – Claude Monet

One of the most famous French painters in history might not have been if it wasn’t for his gambling. Claude Monet struggled with his finances for years throughout his life. This made it hard for him to pursue his love of painting since he could not afford the material he needed. Claude Monet started to gamble early on and he continued to do so to lay his hands on the extra money he needed. He did, however, win big around 1890 when he ended up with $13 000, which made it possible for Monet to focus on his painting. 

The Father of Modern Philosophy – René Descartes 

Lastly, we have to add the father of modern philosophy to this list. You’ve probably heard of this French man before. He was not only a scientist but also a mathematician and a philosopher. Also known as René Descartes. The legend has it that Descartes actually wanted to become a professional gambler. This was after his studies at the University of Poitiers and two years in the military. However, he then got interested in science and philosophy while he still liked to gamble in his spare-time.

It’s kind of fascinating to go back in time and see that gambling has been so big among common people as well as celebrities centuries ago. Who knows, maybe we wouldn’t have heard of Claude Monet as a famous painter or Giacomo Casanova if it weren’t for their gambling habits? If you know more about certain names throughout history with a thing for gambling, you’re more than welcome to contribute! Just send an e-mail our way. In the meantime, you can head to an online casino and enjoy yourself. You might be lucky.