Throw a perfect casino-themed bash 

There is something mythical and magical about online casinos. This is where adults have gone to enjoy the exciting amusement of classic gambling surrounded by glitz and glam through ages. Dress up, drink up and let the fun begin. However, not all of us can make it to Vegas whenever we feel like it. So, why not throw the perfect casino-themed party for you and your closest friends? 

It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is. There’s always a reason to celebrate or host a great bash. Amp it up a level and make it casino-themed the next time. We all need a night at a casino while letting our hair down, keeping the cocktails flowing and the amusement on high. We can almost guarantee that this will be a night to remember. Think “The Great Gatsby”, if you know what we mean! Hosting a casino party sure require bowties as well as little black dresses, sweet tunes, tasty cocktails, and the right lighting to get into gambling mode. The atmosphere has to breathe a ”classic casino”, that’s a given.

Preparation, preparation, and preparation 

A party like this sure needs a fair share of preparation. You can’t just say that it will be casino-themed and then let your friends show up with their ordinary outfits and a bottle of wine or so. This requires planning to make it memorable. For example, Pinterest and Google are your two best friends when you need to find inspiration. Make a new board and pin away to grab the most creative ideas for your home-based casino. It can be anything from drinks to decorations and playlists. 

Use to-do-lists all the way 

A bash like this might need more than one to-do-list if you ask us. This will keep your head in a better place and you can keep track of what needs to be done, and when. Make sure you start planning your casino night ahead so you don’t have to stress the last days before it’s time to gamble. Then you can relax and feel comfortable when the date of the party arrives. Here are some of the things you don’t want to forget when you start organizing, and that you most certainly will need or make a decision about.

  • A place for your casino – it can be your own house or a rented venue. 
  • Music equipment – some decent speakers and a playlist with tunes for the right mode. 
  • Decorations – get that spectacular casino atmosphere that will blow your guests minds.  
  • Delicious food – finger food is probably to prefer for this kind of party. 
  • Cool cocktails – go for drinks for the night and make a menu and a ”make it yourself bar”.
  • Cards and tables – see if you can rent the real deal with tables for Roulette, Blackjack and/or some slot machines. 
  • A drop dead gorgeous outfit – there’s no need to save it, get your glitz on! 

Pick a location for your own casino 

One of the absolute first things you need to decide is where you’re going to host your casino night. It all depends on your budget, of course. If you want to, you can keep it small and have it at home, in your living room, or why not in your garden if it’s in the summertime? Then you can also log in at the best UK casinos and stream the games on the TV so that everyone can see what’s happening as one activity.

If money is nothing to worry about, you might want to consider renting a place such as a restaurant, a pub or another venue that will fit the theme. A rented venue is the best if you want to hire professional dealers, order catering and offer an open bar where you can bring your own liquor. 

However, if you don’t mind having other people around and you have a land-based UK casino nearby where you live, you can actually do the party there with your friends. Just arrive there together and move around the games as a group, reserve a table at the restaurant and dress accordingly. 

To sum it up, the location is not everything but it sure sets the tone for the casino of your choice and what vibe you’re going for. Is it modern or old school? 

Get the right props and games 

Since gambling requires tables, an exclusive deck of cards and even slots, you need to plan and sort out all the equipment you need for establishing your own casino for one night. This goes without saying, is the next most important thing you need to take care of since you can’t have a casino if you don’t have any classic games to offer your guests. 

Today you can go online and find basic tables for Roulette for just £20 if you look around for a little while. It’s nothing fancy but it will do the job. If you want a Blackjack table you might have to splurge a little more but you can always ask your guests if they want to pitch in. You don’t need everything but at least equipment and props for two to three casino games. If you don’t stream the games from an online casino so that everyone will be able to watch.

Rent a professional dealer

In order to get things running smoothly, you need to be totally aware of all the rules in the games you decide for your party. You might also need to explain how it all works. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, you should probably hire one or two croupiers for a few hours that can run the table games for you and your guests. With professional and experienced dealers you can be pretty sure that everyone will appreciate it while the croupiers gladly will help out to make your casino party a great one. 

Another, more pricy alternative, is to hire a company that offers casino party services. Then you will get professional dealers together with all the necessary equipment that you will need. It’s a whole package deal and it will make it all a lot easier for you when planning and organizing your casino night. One company that provides these services in the UK is, for example, Viva Vegas. 

Make an awesome playlist 

Every bash needs music, there’s no doubt about it. It sets the mode for everyone and if you don’t get it right it can be a real party killer. You sure don’t want to forget about this one. If you visit a land-based casino you will hear all kinds of sounds around you and you might not think about the music in the background. When you make your own casino it’s different. Get inspired by famous gambling movies and their soundtracks and add your own personal favourite hits. Also, think about your theme and if you’re going for an old school feeling or a modern touch when you pick the songs to your playlist. 

Add appropriate decorations for the casino

When it comes to themed parties overall you should never forget and/or neglect the importance of decorations and accessories. They might don’t look like much but once you get them into place it will add that special touch to your event. No matter if it’s a casino theme or something else. For this particular occasion, we think lightning is one of the big things. Get light chains in various colours or keep it stylish with the ever-popular lightbulb chains in white. 

Once again, head to Pinterest in order to get some inspiration for your decorations. Also, look at the big casinos in Las Vegas. Just search the web and you’ll find photos of their interior and you might be able to pick up something regarding the details. DIY projects are almost always a winner and you can get away with it fairly cheap. 

Focus on food and cocktails 

To make it easier on yourself it might be a good idea to consider catering when you plan your casino party at home. As with any other festivity you need to feed your guests. You don’t want anyone to become hangry, do you? Or make the food yourself if you feel like you can manage this. It’s all up to you but it does require some planning and then you need to go shopping, cook and so on. 

There are so many different choices to go for when it comes to food at a party. Keep it simple with snacks or do a buffet with finger food where everyone can go and grab whatever they like during an hour or two. Since it’s a party most people will focus on drinks. If you want this to be cost-effective you should stick to some wine, beer and simple soft drinks for a non-alcoholic option. If you instead do mostly snacks there might be room for cocktails too. Set up a bar where everyone can serve themselves. Or prepare the cocktails ahead. There are easy ones that you will be able to make and impress your guests with. Simple doesn’t have to be boring! Just go for the good ol’ classics. 

LBD and bowties for everyone 

When you invite your friend for your casino themed party should also make sure that you include a dress code. Since you’re giving it your all while planning the whole thing you do want to look gorgeous when the night arrives. So should your guests! It’s all part of the casino culture and you can’t get into an ordinary land-based casino if you don’t dress the part. Also, who doesn’t like to dress up and look their best? 

Lads should go for the traditional look with a black tie while the gals should go for amazing dresses for this occasion. A little black dress goes a long way since Coco Chanel introduced this wardrobe essential for women all around the world. The men can, of course, look at our all-time favourite British agent, James Bond for their inspiration. Remember, it’s all about having a great night together. 

Good luck!

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