Slots myths – what is true and not?

If you are a casino player you have probably played slots. If not for the game itself, but to get a pause from Roulette or Blackjack. Perhaps you’ve thought about how slot machines work, if they trick you or if you somehow can improve your game by knowing some relevant facts.

The truth about slot machine myths

In this article, we will reveal some slot machine myths in order to make you a better player. Always remember to play for fun and not for the money you can’t afford to lose. It’s important to remember the outcome of the slot is random, so always keep this in mind.

Increasing the stake is more likely to generate a win

The slot machines are usually controlled by a third party, so they are guaranteed to generate random winnings. One function is called RTP, Return to Player, which guarantee the player to get a percentage back over a certain time. Therefore it doesn’t matter in video slots how much you bet, it won’t affect the outcome. However, this is different from jackpot slots. Increasing the stake often makes it more likely to generate a jackpot win.

The myth about loose and tight slot machines

Many people wonder how you spot a loose slot machine at a landbased casino. Some players ask the casino staff and some try to find them themselves. There are some rumors about loose machines slots usually being placed at the entrance or exit at a casino to tempt players to stick around a while longer. But honestly, you should read about every slot if you are a serious gambler and determined to play at a slot with low volatility or high volatility.

When the jackpot was hit last matters

No, it doesn’t. As we explained earlier, everything about a slot is random. Even the jackpots. Sure there are a lot of jackpot statistics, but when you play it’s more or less irrelavent. Even if the jackpot hasn’t been paid out for a long time, it doesn’t mean it’s likely to be paid out soon since the outcome is random.

The time of the day

When should you play on a slot machine? Are some times of the day better than others? Unlikely not. As we said, the slot is controlled by a third party to guarantee random winnings.

You can’t do anything to improve your game when playing slots

This is not completely untrue. You always have to be smart and look for slots with a high RTP. We think 95% and above is accepted to have a good chance to win some extra cash. But also consider if you want to take a high risk when you are gambling to collect a few but huge winnings, or a low risk by collecting many, but low winnings. So make sure you find the best slot machine for you. And remember to always play responsibly. If you play when you are affected by alcohol or feeling emotionally instable, you will probably disimprove your game, rather than improve it.

Pulling the handle or not?

Some players believe you increase your chances by pulling the handle on a slot machine, instead of pressing the button to spin the wheels. This is also untrue, you have the same chance regardless of what.