Play at online casinos with cryptocurrency 

As you may or may not know there’s something called cryptocurrency available online nowadays. During the last decade or so the popularity has grown tremendously. Not only in the UK but across the globe. In recent years, even online casinos have discovered the power of cryptocurrencies and some have started to offer crypto gambling as a complement to the ordinary cash gambling way. Of course, as with everything else, some players can’t get enough of the crypto gambling while others aren’t as fond of it. It doesn’t matter if you’re in one camp or the other, it seems like the trend is here to stay.

Cryptocurrency – the digital cash 

Even though most new online casinos still only accept cash, there are some of them who offer crypto gambling as well. However, not all are familiar with what cryptocurrencies really are. If we’re keeping it basic, a crypto coin is a kind of virtual currency. There is no server or central authority within this digital cash system that you can access online. If we tend to dig a little deeper it’s actually really complicated, if we’re looking at the whole concept that is a cryptocurrency. It’s hard not to be overwhelmed in the beginning. Of course, you don’t have to know the full story behind it but we do encourage you to read about it before you get going. 

There are several reasons for the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies among players at online casinos. For example, Bitcoin is one of the most well-known networks in the field and it’s free to use. Not to mention it’s safe. Just make sure that you keep your Bitcoin wallet in a safe place and you’re good to go. There’s no way you can get robbed on this state of the art cryptocurrency. Also, when you pay with Bitcoin the transactions goes super fast. Another advantage is that the payments are anonymous since there’s no bank involved in the network or the whole transfer process. Say goodbye and so-long to your old credit card with Bitcoin. 

Explore more than Bitcoin

As you may know, the cryptocurrency hype started out with Bitcoin. Today there are several other kinds of cryptocurrencies as well and you can find online casinos that accept one or more digital cash funds like this. Even though Bitcoin still is the most common one. Here are a few cryptocurrencies you might have heard of: 

  • Bitcoin – also known as BTC
  • Ethereum – also known as ETH
  • Litecoin – also known as LTC
  • Tether
  • Dogecoin
  • Ripple

As mentioned above you can find online casinos that offer Bitcoin gambling and other cryptocurrencies nowadays. Always with the possibility to use regular cash too. We do want to highlight, once again, that you should read more about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies before you make a move and start gambling though. The team at BestCasino wish you the best of luck!