Don’t get tricked at land-based casinos 

Even though it’s a lot of fun to enter an online casino it’s something else to actually walk into a land-based casino. It doesn’t matter where you are. Well, of course you can count on a little extravaganza if you do head to Las Vegas, Casino Monte-Carlo or such. Casinos have intrigued people from all around the world for centuries, no wonder why. Bright shiny lights, waving arms from excited winners (or unsatisfied losers), the drinks that never stop coming and last but not least all the traditional casino games surrounding you. 

If you haven’t been to a land-based casino in your life you’re in for a whole new experience. Just keep in mind that the people behind these casinos also use some tricks to keep you playing for a longer period of time. If you’re aware of these ”tricks” you can see through them and keep your head in the game at all time. Let’s do this, shall we?

Free booze coming up 

Whenever there are festivities of some kind, most people tend to drink. Beer, wine, cocktails – you name it. This ”tradition” (if you so will) is part of the visit at almost any land-based casino even today. However, at all other bars and restaurants you need to pay for you drinks. When you’re gambling you shouldn’t be surprised if they’re on the house. The casino doesn’t only offer a drink for free to be kind. When their visitors are under the influence they will more likely spend more money! Either by not looking at their budget or by taking bigger risks. Take advantage of the free booze when you’re at a land-based casino but make sure you know when to stop as well. 

Don’t forget your watch

It’s no joke that time really do fly by when you’re having fun. It doesn’t really matter what you’re doing and where you are. When you enter a casino you will soon be aware that there are no clocks to be seen. This is also calculated – you will loose track of time and stay longer than you intended. Be prepared and always put on your own watch before heading to a land-based casino. Sometimes it might be hard to pull out your phone, for example when you’re sitting at a hot table. Then you can just glance at your arm and still be aware of the time. 

Keep track of your chips 

One thing you will realize when you come to a real casino is that you will most likely not be able to use ordinary cash. If you want to join in and play any games you will have to exchange your cash and turn them into chips or vouchers instead. Why do you think that is? Well, when you don’t actually use your hard-earned money while gambling and you’re using small plastic chips it’s easier to get carried away. A little token or actual money? It’s all about the feeling and this is something the owners and managers at land-based casinos knows all-too-well.

No ray of sunlight anywhere 

Another thing you might pick up on is that there are no windows at casinos. When you first enter the building and go through a lobby or similar you will probably see a lot of windows and see the daylight. Once you’re in the casino the ray of sunlight is gone. By skipping windows your internal clock won’t function as well and you will probably loose track of time in a little while. 

Good-looking staff members 

Sure, this might feel old and dusty but fact is that the staff members at land-based casinos aren’t just hired for their skills and that they’re service-minded. They’re also beautiful and attractive. This goes for both waitresses, waiters and dealers at the tables. (Just like when you’re playing at live casinos online.) Good-looking staff will probably distract you more than once. Especially with the free drinks flowing.  

Keep your head in the game 

We don’t want to scare you or anything with this article – we just want to highlight that there’s a thought behind everything when you visit a land-based casino. From the decorations, the unlimited drinks, the staff, the lack of windows and watches and the fact that you need to change your cash to chips before you can play. Just be aware of all this and you’ll be fine while you’re exploring some of the biggest and most fancy land-based casinos in the world. In the meantime, check out our top-rated UK online casinos here at BestCasino!