When to stop: 5 things every responsible gambler should know

Playing slots and other casino games are among the most exciting activities on the internet, especially when you land a big win in one of your favourite games. However, it can be easy to lose track of both time and money when gambling online.

Every gambler should know how to play in a responsible manner, whether they bet on sports or play casino games or poker. On this page, we have put together a list of five important things you should keep in mind whether you are a new or an experienced casino player.

Gambling is not an easy way to make money

“Don’t gamble with money you cannot afford to lose” is one of the golden rules of gambling. It is essential to remember that online gambling is meant to be an entertaining and exciting activity, not an easy way to make money. While you can win money in any slot machine or table game, you are more likely to lose because the casino has the edge.

Gambling is not a way to make some quick money, and you should never risk anything you can’t afford to lose. Consider gambling as entertainment and play with a stake that suits your gambling budget. If you aren’t comfortable with the thought of losing the money, it is probably best not to deposit it in the first place.

Chasing losses is a bad idea

Gambling can be like a rollercoaster: you can feel the rush of winning in one moment but lose it back in the next. Casino games are volatile by nature, which means you can lose your deposit or balance very quickly. But no matter how tempting it can be to make another deposit and try to reclaim your money, it is usually better to call it a day and cut your losses.

The fact is that if you deposit more to win back what you lost, you are more likely to lose even more. If you feel like you want to keep going after losing, it might be best to take a step back and go for a break. By logging off and doing something else, you might be able to clear your mind and shift your focus for a bit.

It is important to take breaks and keep track of the time

We all know that time flies when we are doing something fun. If you play regularly, you probably know it can be easy to lose track of how much time you actually spend playing slots. An essential part of playing responsibly is not letting gambling get in the way of your responsibilities and taking regular breaks when playing.

Just like you should have a loss limit, it can be a good idea to set a time limit before you start playing. Taking a break to stretch your legs and think about something other than gambling for a while is also a good habit to have.

Responsible gambling tools can be useful

Every gambler should be aware of the responsible gambling tools that are available at casinos. When you play on a licensed online casino, you can always activate various gambling limits, such as deposit limits, time limits, loss limits, and more.

If you have a gambling budget, you can use the deposit limit option to ensure you can’t make any further deposits. On the same note, session limits can help you take more regular breaks. And if you want to take a longer break, use the time-out option to close your account for a specific period.

There are many free resources online

If you feel like you play too much, remember that there are many free resources online that can help you do so. There are browser blockers that block all gambling sites on your computer and smartphone, as well as self-exclusion options that prevent you from creating an account at new casinos.

Below are a few helpful resources, tools, and information hubs you can check out to learn more: